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K+N NOOK.SHELL reflects a new approach to life

Around a quarter of German employees are currently working from home – at least on a part-time basis. Is this work-life blend the reason for an increase in the popularity of shell chairs – or is it simply that they are extremely comfortable to sit on? Whichever is the case: König + Neurath’s K+N NOOK.SHELL chair offers an attractive option that’s perfect for the home or office – and can be configured to suit a wide range of tastes.

The new role of the office

These days life is no longer rigidly structured into work and leisure as it was during the economic miracle years – or even at the end of the millennium. It’s more the sum total of different activities, with private life and work merging increasingly. The prestigious Future Institute refers to this as work-life blending, while König + Neurath differentiates between various work-life models when they analyse the work culture of customers. Regardless of the balance, the office acquires a new role in the context of remote working. The office becomes a culture centre within the company, according to the Future Institute – in other words the place where the workforce can enjoy a team experience. The space in which collaboration and co-creation happen can and should reflect context. What are the implications in furnishing terms?

K+N NOOK.SHELL: versatility in function, design and application

So for König + Neurath, the launch of the K+N NOOK.SHELL chair means more than just rounding off the conference and visitor chair range. It’s another opportunity to offer outfitting specialists a relevant design with added value.

This shell chair can be configured in diverse ways, with a backrest shell that comes in three variants (plastic and two different upholstered versions) and two colours (black and white). The bases range from a cantilever or spider base to a height-adjustable conference model with starbase, as well as a counter chair, and there’s a selection of colours. Thanks to the upholstery in a variety of colours and materials, the K+N NOOK.SHELL blends in harmoniously with almost any environment – at a home dining table that’s been repurposed as a workspace, a coworking area at a start-up company, in a conference room designed to reflect corporate identity, or in a study/guest room at home.

K+N NOOK.SHELL - Quality made in Germany

What makes K+N NOOK.SHEL stand out over the hordes of shell chairs that have flooded the furniture market is that special König + Neurath quality: the chair, which is entirely manufactured in Germany, features an optional rocker mechanism to optimise the sitting experience. It’s also available with castors and gas spring height adjustment – additional functions required of an office chair. Work becomes more comfortable and flexible as a result – whether you’re in a home office or an informal meeting area.

Flexible use and configuration options are also crucial when it comes to sustainability: if your personal tastes change, you can redesign the look of your chair. Defective parts can easily be replaced. And when the chair does reach the end of its lifespan after many years, it can be dismantled for the individual components to be recycled by material type.

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