From analysing work culture to designing actual offices.

Shaping work cultures

Work culture characterises every company – even small ones. That’s why this aspect is the focus of all our activity. Our brand relaunch, based on the guiding idea “Shaping work cultures”, has just received the Gold German Brand Award.

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Keep on moving. Keep on working.

ACTIVE.T - for more movement in lively, agile work cultures.

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Keep on smiling. Keep on working.

JET.III - Sitting produces a feeling of wellbeing and generates a smile - for your work culture, too!

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Shaping the room experience with the help of our style collections.

Shaping style collections.

On the basis of the work culture, we use our style collections for orientation to implement an imaginative and individual room experience.

Our four style collections
König + Neurath provides support throughout the entire process of outfitting your office


We support our customers throughout – from analysis and planning to production and provision of long-term service.

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König + Neurath Brand Video

König + Neurath Brand Video

Experience WORK.STYLE.CULTURE and learn more about our consulting approach, tools and new products.


What makes work culture special?

How can you learn more about your own work culture? And: which conclusions can be drawn that would help improve workplace design? Find answers with the WORK.CULTURE.MAP.

Exploring work culture
Reference - WirtschaftsWoche


An atmosphere that encourages creativity and concentration.

Since the beginning of 2018, the employees of the German business magazine have been going about their demanding task in the seven-storey publishing building “La Tête” on the Toulouser Allee in Düsseldorf-Pempelfort. From development of the concept to implementation of the new editorial offices, the building management team for the Handelsblatt Group looked to outside support right from the start. One of the companies involved in planning and implementation was König + Neurath

Reference - NETZSCH


The start of a new work culture

The plan was to create a process-optimised workplace in a brand-new building with floor area 6500 m2 in Selb, Bavaria. The new working environment was to provide an answer to the requirements of Industry 4.0, which is the driving force behind the digital transformation of companies. The open infrastructure focuses on transparency, communication and cooperation between departments in order to make the information exchange faster and distances shorter.

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