Efficient use of space through room systems and room-in-room solutions

What does the ideal office space look like today? Which room systems, desks, chairs and lounge furniture are needed to make optimum use of space? What is the most economical solution that offers employees ideal working conditions? Our idea is: You can design your office with room systems in different sizes and equipment variants. You furnish it with office furniture in the style colletictions that matches your work culture.

Large spaces, cleverly designed

The flexible world of working, in which project work, travel, home offices and digital coordination tools are part of everyday life, makes it possible to deal with space in a systematically different way than in the past. Many companies are opting to adapt their office space variably to changing needs - and thus reduce costs. Unlike classic open-plan offices, König + Neurath designs spaces flexibly and modularly according to the working culture - and zones them according to need with room systems in different sizes and designs. Our range of room systems extends from the HORIZONTE glass partition system to INSIDE.50 screens for concentrated work, the QUIET.BOX telephone booth or the homely INSIDE.CUBE for meetings, right through to the THINK.TANK representative meeting solution.

Acoustics and design: excellent

When creating high-quality retreats for discussions and coordination in open-plan offices, one important aspect is acoustics. König + Neurath develops room systems in double glazing with optimum sound insulation values, with sound-absorbing ceilings and numerous other details that are also important for partition wall systems and system rooms. We pay equal attention to form and function in all our furnishing solutions and room systems. Many of our solutions have won design awards such as the red dot design award or the ICONIC AWARD.

Office space systems: Flexibility inside and out

The advantage of flexible room-in-room systems is that they allow you to freely design office spaces without having to interfere with the building structure. All of our high-quality system rooms are delivered and thus come into being with short assembly times - right where you want them. Thanks to the generous use of high-quality glass surfaces, even the large-area room systems such as our THINK.TANK.II do not visually dominate the room and lend the ensemble a harmonious appearance. You also enjoy a great deal of creative freedom in the design of the interiors with cooling or air conditioning, various textiles, materials, colors and surfaces as well as all the desired technical details.

Accompanied in partnership from analysis to sustainable service.

One of our trademarks is production in Germany and our comprehensive service. Together with you, we analyze not only the current space situation, but also your individual work culture. Based on these results, we plan and manufacture customized solutions in close cooperation with you. These solutions are delivered by our own drivers with our own fleet of trucks and assembled by our own installers. And even beyond that, we are at your disposal with further analyses, maintenance and our friendly customer service.

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