Chief Executive Officer announces his resignation

Hartmut Hagemann takes leave

  • Hartmut Hagemann is stepping down as of 31.03.2023, which will ensure a seamless handover of this senior role
  • Marc W. Lorch will fill the position of Chief Executive Officer from April 2023
Hartmut Hagemann, Chief Executive Officer

After two challenging business years and a whole series of changes, the company is now on track to move forward for the future. Hartmut Hagemann will relinquish his duties as Chief Executive Officer as of 31.03, because König + Neurath has managed to engage Mr Marc W. Lorch as his successor earlier than expected.

In July 2021 Hartmut Hagemann took on the role of CEO in times that were economically uncertain for all industries. Together with his colleagues on the board and the rest of the workforce, he developed the company positively, improved its market position and helped the family-run company König + Neurath to develop a stronger presence. Mr Hagemann considers it particularly important to thank all stakeholders and members of the supervisory board for their unstinting confidence and support. This loyalty to the family as well as to the company will continue in the future.

Karsten Helber, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, says: “We particularly value his analytical skills, combined with an entrepreneurial attitude and approach. We would like to express our greatest thanks and appreciation for his exceptional commitment to König + Neurath AG, and we wish Mr Hagemann all the very best for the future.” 

The course is set for the company’s future direction. König + Neurath AG spent 2022 ahead of the general market trend. With a robust balance sheet and financial structure, the family-run company is in a strong position for ongoing development.

Karsten Helber continues: “We were able to secure Marc W. Lorch as successor back in May 2022, which ensures a smooth transition during 2023. Mr Lorch will guarantee sustainable progress for the König + Neurath family firm because shared values like experience, plenty of ideas and a focus on partnership form the basis of constructive collaboration with business associates, customers, the supervisory board and the stakeholders.”  Mr Lorch, who is currently responsible for the areas of sales and marketing, and his fellow board member Dirk Fischer, look forward to taking the next steps towards strategic growth success.

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