A thinking island with perspective that has received several design awards.

We collaborated with some innovative companies and came up with a new product for you – the THINK.TANK – which is both attractive-looking and functional. It can serve as a transparent meeting room-within-a-room that’s perfect as a quiet zone so that you can have an acoustically protected conversation in the open space. It allows you to be screened from distractions, yet still at the centre of everything. The elegant design of the THINK.TANK is based on a post-and-rail construction that’s used in glass architecture for interiors. Its ceiling is sound-absorbing and it features an attractive integral light.

Discover your working culture with K+N WORK.CULTURE.MAP. Depending on the initial situation and target image, we support you with tailor-made solutions in inspiring style collections and with matching furniture and room systems.


available as downlight

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