Paneelsystem INSIDE.30

An ideal environment for efficient working

König + Neurath introduces the new acoustic screen system INSIDE.30

Lots of people cite a noisy workplace as the number one distraction factor. Yet social interaction is the main reason most people enjoy going into the office. So how can we create the right environment for an agile, communication-oriented office – in which there is plenty of space for privacy and focused working at the same time? This is the challenge faced by many companies and outfitters at the moment as they evaluate existing office layouts and restructure them to achieve more efficient use of space.  

Flexible solutions with added functional value

Hartmut Hagemann – CEO of König + Neurath AG, the leading manufacturer of office furniture and room systems made in Germany – describes the situation like this: “We can see that companies have an increased demand for solutions that permit ongoing flexibility in space management. In this context we are particularly interested in the sustainability and health aspects. Both themes are already important to us and our customers – and will continue to be in future years. We’re developing functional and aesthetically sophisticated furnishing concepts to underscore this principle.”

Systematic planning for acoustics and space

The INSIDE.30 screen system with optimised acoustic properties from König + Neurath is one of these solutions. It’s designed to allow creation of private zones within the office – and thanks to its acoustic infill, it’s an efficient way of minimising noise in the open space. Multifunctional systems like this have fabric panels to absorb distracting noise and provide optimum sound insulation, according to acoustics experts. “The interior designers have virtually no limits in terms of colours and layout,” says Hartmut Hagemann. “They can be fixed directly to desks, used as free-standing screen elements or attached to workstations as a side screen.” 

A ground-breaking sustainable concept

Not only is INSIDE.30 ideal for screening off areas, it can also be used with accessories such as organiser rails, whiteboards and flipcharts, or mounted on castors, to form an attractive and practical work resource. INSIDE.30 combines flexible partitioning potential with the capacity to create private areas and minimise stress factors by improving the room acoustics significantly. A straightforward solution that adapts to ever-changing situations and therefore remains relevant in the long term.

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