ICONIC Award 2022

Ideas with aesthetic novelty value

König + Neurath scoops ICONIC AWARDS for TALO.YOU and K+N NOOK

The workplace is undergoing radical transformation at an ever-increasing speed – posing a variety of challenges for office outfitters and planners. As well as an emerging pattern of diversity in the workforce, which also spans a wider age range, there are growing requirements in terms of agility, flexibility and sustainability. While a few years ago workplaces were still rigidly structured into individual offices, conference/seminar rooms and drinks stations, the boundaries have become more fluid in this respect – if indeed they still exist.

“Do you know right now how you’ll be working in two years?” asks Hartmut Hagemann, who took the role of CEO at König + Neurath AG last summer. “Predictions are becoming harder to make. That’s why we want to offer our customers imaginative solutions that equip them optimally for today’s needs – yet they can reconfigure to meet the new challenges of tomorrow with just as much confidence,” says the long-standing adviser to the König family, who own the business. “Today’s workplace is characterised by open office concepts, and hot-desking is a frequent feature too. Our customers need the ability to react quickly to new situations – especially bearing in mind the changes we’ve seen in recent months.”

ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Interior honour contemporary developments

The new solutions from Germany’s leading office furniture manufacturer – whose products are all Made in Germany – are characterised by a high level of flexibility, which in turn ensures sustainability. So the workstation system TALO.YOU, which is produced at the company’s main facility in Karben/Hesse, is perfect for a wide range of applications and scenarios and can easily be reconfigured. The same goes for the K+N NOOK conference chair – a desk chair that’s just as suitable for temporary workstations and home office set-ups as for seminar and break rooms. 

These are some of the reasons why these two innovative products deserved the title “ICONIC AWARDS Winner 2022” conferred by the German Design Council. These accolades honour relevant contemporary developments as well as special design achievements – and their reputation is respected internationally. 

Awards as a benchmark for new trends in interior design

“Bearing in mind that the ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Interior are seen as a benchmark for new trends and the best ideas from the interior design industry, we are especially proud of the awards.” This is now the second award from the German Design Council for both products. “It confirms our good work. And proves that we’re able to meet the needs of our target audience with top quality sustainable solutions that add value,” Hartmut Hagemann is pleased to note.

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