Review of the Online Event on 3rd March

How can we ensure that the “New Normal” is a success? Our ideas for you.

On 3rd March 2021 we invited office design experts and our national and international dealers to our second online event.

The theme, which we focused on from a variety of perspectives this time, was THE NEW NORMAL. How much home office will there be in the future? How can offices be designed sustainably? Are scalability and adaptability the solution for a future based on agility and collectivity? How smart does design need to be in order to fulfil individual requirements? What does all this mean for planners, architects, outfitters and consultants? And how can we contribute with our products and services to benefit you and your customers?

Presented by a diverse team from König + Neurath

Both of the streamed events were organised and presented by our colleagues who specialise in these areas at König + Neurath. We wanted to give you a chance to get to know some of the new experts in our team – and provide some authentic insights.

Interesting and interested participants from all over Europe

We’re proud of the keen interest and thrilled with the in-depth and very positive feedback. We will be responding to the many valuable comments and suggestions over the next few days. And of course we’re delighted that so many people joined the event from a wide selection of countries. Thank you!

The individual stories as video clips

If you missed anything or you want to take a more detailed look at the stories covered, we’re offering you the chance to replay the individual sessions by searching for a specific theme.

Do you have any further questions or suggestions? If so, please get in touch with your personal in-house contacts or sales representatives. We look forward to collaborating with you on some exciting projects!

Review Event March 2021

Shaping the New Normal

How much home office will there be in the future? And how will our offices change? To introduce you to this subject, we’ve shared our thoughts on the latest developments and outlined our strategies in joint projects – for example using the K+N WORK.CULTURE.MAP.

Review Event March 2021

We present TALO.YOU and our PERSONALBOX

As you can see, our scalable modular desk system TALO.YOU is ready for the challenges of today and tomorrow – and works really well in combination with our personal storage solution, the PERSONALBOX.

Review Event March 2021

Our new products K+N NOOK and QUICK.III

You can use our visitor and conference chair platform to create a variety of solutions. An introduction to our new products K+N NOOK und QUICK.III.

Review Event March 2021

Nora Dietrich: How we work on the pulse of time

Do you know the 60-20-20 rule? Nora Dietrich invites you to use this and other possibilities to work and live more happily, healthily and productively. Because this not only benefits each and every individual personally, but also sustainably managed companies.

Review Event March 2021

Redesigning office spaces – with our QUIET.BOX Duo XL

Room-in-room solutions allow more freedom for space planning – QUIET.BOX Duo XL (video presentation includes outfitting variants and assembly as a time lapse sequence).

Review Event March 2021

Optimisation of our OFML data

By optimising our OFML data, extensive planning can now be created even more easily. Find out all the news about the configuration and planning of our products with the pCon tools.

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