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Lifelong learning as a success concept for employees and companies

At the end of the last millennium, people used to complete their studies at school and university successfully, and that would have given them the knowledge they could use every day at work.

And today?

Georg Frech, Head of the K+N Academy, characterised the situation like this: “At the moment it isn’t just lifestyles that are changing at high speed, new qualities are constantly expected of us at work as well. Lifelong learning and being open to new ideas are the prerequisites for being professionally successful, you might say. And staying that way.” One positive side-effect is that training – in the right environment – is fun. The new practical, cognitive and emotional skills are life-enriching as well. It isn’t just the experts who agree on this.

Lifelong learning and being open to new ideas are the prerequisites for being professionally successful. And staying that way

Georg Frech, Head of the K+N Academy

Lifelong learning as part of the work culture

More and more companies have realised that offering professional development for the workforce makes an employer significantly more attractive. It’s worthwhile for a company to invest in the qualification of its own team, because that’s how the company itself progresses. Internal development programmes are provided, time is set aside for learning and coaches are hired to bring new knowledge into the organisation.

König + Neurath also offers various programmes within the structure of the K+N Academy. Their own staff are trained here, but dealers and customers can be as well. König + Neurath sets fitters, planners and consultants up for the future. For the customer’s benefit. Topics range from the latest workplace developments to product and ergonomics seminars. Georg Frech describes the concept in these words: “From practice for practice. So that knowledge becomes skill.” That applies equally – to telephone training as much as skills enhancement for the production team. “In this “War for Talents” we’d like to secure talented people to carry out roles within our company.” That can become a long-term differentiation characteristic: it’s no coincidence that the average length of time in employment at König + Neurath now stands at 16 years – which bodes well for the future in these fast-moving times!

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