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GMK Markenberatung is a branding consultancy located in Cologne’s Rheinauhafen district. They specialise in supporting companies with analysis, concept development and placement of their brands. König + Neurath had the exciting task of designing a new work environment for GMK – which meant translating the vision of their work culture into space and furnishing concepts.

Comprehensive and sustainable: the complete process of office design

König + Neurath was on board from the word go – starting with analysis and supporting all processes through concept development in the new premises, right up to the point of putting in the furniture. The first step in the process of this imaginative redesign was current-state analysis. For this, specialists from König+ Neurath worked with GMK to evaluate the existing situation and recorded the status quo. You can find out more about that in our “Making of” video:


Taking stock: how are the teams working right now? Which needs aren’t reflected adequately? What’s missing that stops them being even more creative and efficient?

The most important resource in the planning and analysis process was König + Neurath’s WORK.CULTURE.MAP. This tool makes it possible to analyse and visualise the corporate culture in seven dimensions: what does the work-life model look like? How does GMK handle creativity? Which features characterise the management style? From this information it’s possible to work out which workstation scenarios are right for the context, and how to furnish the office to suit the employees’ needs. You can find out more about that in the next “Making of” video:


The K+N WORK.CULTURE.MAP. This tool generates a current status of the corporate culture. Our project team can then use it to work out ideas for designing the office.

How can goals and aspirations, unique features and processes, be reflected in the GMK office design? What implications does that have with regard to layout? Which furnishing concepts will suit the team and their requirements?

See the result here: versatile space availability, a variety of solutions for meetings and focused work. And workstations that allow a high degree of movement and flexibility despite being permanently allocated. Find out the effect of the new furnishing solutions on life in the office. Our favourite part: GMK is absolutely delighted with it all:

What a brilliant result

Hans Meier-Kortwig, GMK Markenberatung


Today GMK uses a variety of interaction modes and is getting used to workstations that encourage lots of movement. K+N creates space experiences perfect for analysis and creativity in a team context – made in Germany.

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