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How the Pantone trend color for 2019, Living Coral, adds character to our K+N style collections

Turquoise water. A tiny fish drifts past a stunning orange coral outcrop. That’s how Pantone presents the new colour for 2019. PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral is an animating and life-affirming coral red with a golden undertone that adds a softer edge.

One of the intense pastel shades, it is said to have energising properties. Living Coral can bring freshness and an individual touch to an understated ambience like our PURE style collection. At the same time this shade has the capacity to inject lightness into an organic setting using natural materials. A colour like this is well cast in the leading role for our organic style collection, FLOW.

„The soft coral red is an inspiring and versatile shade. It’s exciting for me as a designer, because it complements style collections such as FLOW and PURE in completely different ways.“ K+N designer Carolina Meseguer Girbés

Design example PURE style collection

If we want to design a harmonious working environment that offers scope for creativity and supports all corporate processes, a well-considered colour concept is essential. We are focused on this right from the first step of cooperation with our customers. We analyse the corporate culture and offer concepts and style collections tailored to fit in with it.

PANTONE Living Coral adds a new dimension to the fresh, light atmosphere of bright yet mellow spaces. It adds an individual touch whilst ensuring a homely feel.

Design example FLOW style collection

The PURE style collection is reduced to a minimum. White rooms, functional furniture and interior fittings that provide maximum freedom. Colours that chime with the corporate culture whilst setting trends are used to provide a warm and homely feel. Pastel shades contrast with geometric forms, bringing a breath of life into the linear structures. Living Coral adds warmth, intimacy and understated beauty derived from our natural surroundings to a PURE interior based on the fashion colour white.

In the FLOW collection, natural materials and organic shapes set the tone, in line with a marked trend in interior design at the moment. These escapist tendencies are not just formative in the home, but also in office design. Plants, attractive tactile properties, plenty of natural light and vibrant colours like PANTONE Living Coral create a workplace in which tranquillity combines with the warmth of natural materials for a dynamic feel.

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