Multiterritorial working

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How the digital revolution is changing our offices.

Are you one of those people who lovingly decorates their desk with photos, notes, plants and personal keepsakes? Then you should probably keep a look-out for portable ornaments. The thing is, static workstations and individually allocated offices are becoming rarer in this era of digital revolution.

The goal is to translate the new technological potential into a new form of mobility that encourages interaction and improves flexibility. But that’s good news for fans of decoration and photos: not only does the new way of working offer more possibilities for flexible time organisation and mobile working, it also provides many options to help people feel even more comfortable at their desks.

Creative, individual and communicative: what does multiterritorial work look like?

Yes, it’s true: we spend about as much time working every day as we do sleeping. Admittedly that isn’t half a lifetime, but nevertheless your job – even in an ideal situation – takes up a lot of space. Even though changes in the workplace – in some cases rapid ones – present us with new challenges, the focus is increasingly on the potential of each individual employee. That’s why the multiterritorial office design is far more geared towards personal needs – because new work is so much more successful if the staff are more relaxed and creative!

Diverse tasks in changing teams make it necessary to have a variety of working environments more than ever today. Is your work often intensely focused? Then your priority is to be undisturbed. Do you spend a lot of time consulting colleagues? Then group and project workstations, as well as meeting areas, are important for you.

How to make work productive and fulfilling

As well as that prized possession – your own desk – a varied working environment also offers desk-sharing models, project offices, team workstations, lounge areas and inspiring spaces for meeting or socialising, as well as retreat areas and quiet zones. We’ve found that the most important thing is to plan thoroughly and switch gradually to a multiterritorial office model to ensure its success.

Would you like to shape new workplaces that are compliant with today’s requirements? Then maybe our sample office situations will give you some inspiration.

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