Moving on the job

Health. Movement. Activity.

Moving? Excellent.

Get moving. That is the credo when designing new working worlds. With our award-winning standing-sitting solutions, we have contributed considerably to this development. So that everyone can be be more active and vitalised at work, and even more productive – and benefit from a stronger, healthier back.

Back pain, according to a report issued by the TK health insurance, is one of the most common causes of absenteeism amongst employees. In specific terms this means: For the roughly 31 million people with insurance employment in Germany, over 25 million days of absenteeism are due to back issues. These frequently diverse complaints are the reason why almost 70,000 people are off sick from work every day. Pro-active health management, however, can counter this trend and clearly reduce absence due to illness.

We had our eyes on healthy working here at König + Neurath when we started developing our sitting-standing solutions. Our goal was to create a workplace concept that supports more movement and motivates users to regularly switch between a standing and sitting position. The underlying idea in developing this product was to promote the physical health of employees through the ergonomic design of our furniture.

In 2016 we launched K+N BALANCE OFFICE at the ORGATEC fair. The complete concept comprising a chair and table received the ActiveOffice AWARD in the category of Health. The initiator of this award is Eurocres Consulting, which rated nine products as excellent from a selection of around 50 submissions.

The K+N BALANCE OFFICE study provided an answer to the question how the office workstation 4.0 should be designed to allow switching between focused working and dynamic-communicative as well as healthy working. “It is important for us to establish this user-specific rating system as a fixed ActiveOffice Index to be applied as an industry standard”, says Jenö Kleemann of Eurocres Consulting in 2016.

DThe sitting-standing workplace concept has proven its worth in a practical setting and has shown us that office work and movement are only seemingly opposites. K+N BALANCE.CHAIR is our office swivel chair which can be turned into an efficient standing aid in no time and optimally supports switching positions whether on the job or in a meeting. For self-sufficient working, it can be combined with K+N BALANCE.OFFICE, for example. Characteristic of our motorised height-adjustable integral workstation are the visually appealing acoustic sheet absorbers and the mobile storage elements and integral lighting. The organically-shaped workstation supports you as a quiet place in the open space office that facilitates focused working while standing up or sitting, and as an open meeting point for a brief discussion.

In short: The sitting/standing workstations by König + Neurath boost your productivity through freedom of movement and a diverse range of uses. It is our contribution to your highly personalised working culture.

Exercise 1: Turning the head

Sit upright and relax your shoulders. Now slowly turn your head in one direction and hold it briefly at the farthest point you can reach, so that you feel the stretch in your neck muscles; slowly turn your head in the opposite direction. Repeat several times.

Exercise 2: Ceiling stretch

Lift your arms up as high as possible and alternatingly reach up with one hand or the other as far as you can, as if to touch the clouds. This stretches your sides and opens up the rib cage. Repeat ten times on each side.

Exercise 3: Taking a deep breath

Lift both arms high up and breathe several times deep into your stomach and into the rib case, then slowly exhale. This is how you supply your body and your brain with oxygen and calm your mind.

Exercise 4: Rib cage twist

Seat yourself to the edge of your chair and raise your arms to shoulder level in parallel with the floor. Carefully turn as far as possible to your right and to your left so that the entire spine, from the lower back through to the neck, is moving. This relaxes the intervertebral disks and stretches the back muscles.

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