Characteristics of the PURE style collection

Less is more

That’s our definition of purism

A pure and minimalist design idiom is equally popular with architects, fans of interior design and those with a creative talent. The thing is, if your environment’s calm and symmetrical, there’s nothing to distract the flow of ideas. When archetypical forms act equally on both senses and body, and clear lines are easy on the eye, it’s possible for creativity to flow freely. The focus is on the architecture of the room, furniture fits seamlessly into the big picture.

What characterises a purist style collection? It:

  • is based on geometric shapes (rectangle, circle, triangle)
  • follows an archetype-based design idiom
  • comes across as homogeneous and a coherent system
  • aspires to perfect symmetry
  • creates a sense of calm and balance
  • integrates consistent functional elements
  • keeps technology concealed

PURE, one of the four style collections by König + Neurath, is characterised by its reduction to the bare essentials. Typical features include monolithic structures and rigid edges and lines that break up open areas. Its rational uniformity ensures a clean look and absolutely calm feel.

Our planner Carolina Meseguer Girbés describes her experience of the PURE style collection like this: “When you plan a room based on PURE, the most important aspects are interaction between colours, clear lines and furniture that’s meant to appear both functional and inviting. Not only do we make sure to select the right products, we also let the architecture in that room play a part. It’s not just about individual areas, the entire space needs to come across as minimalist.”

It's all about the interaction of colours that are functional and inviting at the same time

Carolina Meseguer Girbés, Planner

Achieving the PURE look with furniture

One characteristic of minimalism is deliberate omission of unnecessary objects. Rooms with a clear, uncluttered design allow space for ideas, any decoration is placed on purpose and very reduced in style. Anything that is there has the chance to affect the observer without distraction. PURE furniture typically features clear design lines and bright, cheerful colours.



Coherent system – homogeneous overall appearance – combination of monolithic structures and delicate geometric frames – graphic lines – large areas – linear – flush joins – cubes


Light colours and smooth finishes – painted or laminated woods in light colours with fine grains – frosted glass – concrete – metal


Integrative details and functional elements – minimised join appearance and dimensions – omission of purely decorative aspects – contrasting and functional details – differentiating and contrasting colours and materials


Black, white and silver alongside the primary colours red, yellow and blue – plain colours

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