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The world of work is changing – and with it everything that defines a working culture: the space, the technology, the organisation. For this, we have answers: As a leading brand specialising in office furniture and room systems, König + Neurath support clients in collaboration with the specialist trade throughout the entire process of furnishing your offices: from analysis, planning and production to effective service.

Experienced, resourceful and partner-centric. Together with our clients we explore the potential and the challenges that their respective working culture holds. We design bespoke solutions and turn these into something to be experienced. With differentiating style collections, cross-product lines and digital offerings, König + Neurath contribute significantly to an employer’s appeal by creating efficient, agile process flows within an organisation, thereby helping to see the changes taking place in the working environment as an opportunity.

Today, König + Neurath is one of the most successful suppliers of office furniture and room systems. Formed in 1925, the family business manufactures at its Karben-based headquarters only. In addition to five showrooms in Germany, the company’s international sites are based in France, England, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands. König + Neurath thus merge dependable quality made in Germany with an international scope of activity.

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