Supporting processes

Supporting processes. From presale to aftersales.

Designing work environments is a complex process. How can it be made as uncomplicated as possible, without compromising on quality? König+Neurath is there for you, every step of the way.

Anyone planning work environments today has to think holistically about the world of work. So König+Neurath offers comprehensive assistance from a single source: From painstaking analysis and planning to production and provision of service over the long term, we offer our customers a wealth of imaginative ideas and dependable support at every stage. Until your work environment is in harmony with your needs — and your work culture.

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We believe that maintaining relationships at a personal level is part and parcel of sustainability.

With strong partners and Made in Germany

To ensure your journey to a positive work environment is a smooth one, we work closely with our partners from specialist retail, industry, architecture and organisational consulting and base our manufacturing exclusively at our site in Karben. This enables us to offer companies unique support throughout the entire process, from planning to implementation. Comprehensive enough to produce a positive work environment. Uncomplicated enough to let you to focus on the business of running a business. And always: Made in Germany.

König + Neurath's large vertical range of manufacture enables it to react very quickly and flexibly to the entirety of individual customer requirements.

Step by step towards the perfect work culture

The complex business of designing your work environment is made as simple as possible. We accompany you step by step until we’ve created an office space experience that’s perfectly tailored to your needs:

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