Creating working environments

The successful way to create a positive working environment

A journey with König + Neurath and its partners

From the very first moment – when the need to change the office environment is recognised – through to the successful realisation of a new, positive work place, you will embark on an exciting journey and we will provide support every step of the way.

In this project, every step involves long-term decisions and far-reaching investment. König + Neurath knows the associated challenges and together with network partners from the fields of specialist dealers, industry, architecture and organisational consulting will guide and support you throughout the entire process of outfitting your office. For a space experience in the workplace that allows employees to feel comfortable whilst promoting individual work culture.


The first step is to analyse and define the basic parameters, taking into account your desire for change and incorporating your ideas.

  • Analyse the project
  • Recognise potentials and challenges
  • Record site conditions
  • Check need for change
  • Define budgets
  • Involve partners and suppliers


Your individual work culture is the basis for all considerations and concepts. We use tools developed by König + Neurath – the WORK.CULTURE.MAP – to analyse the current status and target vision of your work culture.

  • Reflect on how the work culture is at the moment
  • Validate results
  • Define the target work culture
  • Develop usage scenarios
  • Identify ideas for style collections, functional areas and furniture


The K+N style collections Pure, Flow, Timeless and Vision provide orientation as you implement the outfitting details to create your new office designs, which we visualise and discuss as an integrated concept in this step.

  • Plan functional areas
  • Create zoning
  • Design the elements that shape the room (lighting, ceilings, walls, floors etc.)
  • Integrate room systems
  • Select furniture and specify the sizes, materials, colours and details


Now it’s time to implement the solution. It isn’t long until the mock-up of the outfitting specification you chose. Project and site management, as well as an efficient logistics concept and overall budgeting are key steps in this phase, at the end of which you will move into your new offices.

  • Set up electrics, ceilings, walls, floors, lights
  • Allow for climate, ventilation, shading and acoustics
  • Manufacture furniture and room systems
  • Organise delivery, assembly and erection of furniture and room systems
  • Move in and introduce employees to the work environment


Use K+N SMART.OFFICE to monitor the space experience of your work culture over the long term and react to changing requirements within the organisation. At the same time you are offering your employees a digital working environment

  • Book rooms and workstations
  • Find colleagues
  • Analyse use on the basis of data and adjust rooms or furniture on that basis
  • Ensure sustainable use
  • Supply missing furniture

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