Creating Style Collections

Creating style collections. Imaginative and individual.

How do you translate work culture and all that defines it into an experience of space? Which room systems, colours and furniture express it best? K+N style collections can help.

An attractive work environment differentiates companies during the recruitment process and plays a vital role in employer branding. The focus when designing work environments is therefore falling increasingly on aesthetics. We can help: With K+N style collections, we offer you a guiding hand and support at every stage of our individually tailored design process. The four style collections are underpinned by an intensive analysis of current and upcoming developments in architecture, lifestyle and colour psychology — and the insights are fed into aesthetically attractive work environments that harmonise with the characteristic features of your work culture.

It's all about translating the work culture into an experience of space.

Discover the VISION, PURE, FLOW and TIMELESS K+N style collections here—or experience them live on site.

Example of the PURE style collection

PURE style collection

PURE reduced to the essentials. Transparency and functionality define environments that give space to ideas and inspiration. Their powerful, geometric forms and linear structures provide orientation and clarity.

In harmony with the essential

Example of the FLOW style collection

FLOW style collection

The FLOW style collection uses organic connections and near-natural structures that enhance well-being and efficiency. Warm materials and an organic design encourage playful impulses and create an overall aesthetic that’s harmonious, welcoming and bright. A place of equilibrium, security and organic success.

Ideas set in motion

Example of the TIMELESS style collection

TIMELESS style collection

With timeless, classic design, clear lines, high-quality details and subtle decorative opulence, TIMELESS builds a formal bridge between yesterday and tomorrow. It creates space for the timeless ideas of tomorrow and provides tranquillity in times of change.

Constant values in a changing world.

Example of the VISION style collection

VISION style collection

The VISION style collection provides an inspiring environment and space for visionary thinking. It explores new technical frontiers and communicates a strong spirit of innovation. A dynamic interplay of form, asymmetrical lines and innovative technologies produce a light, agile look. Progress, pioneering spirit, innovation: Here all can develop to their full potential.

Keep ideas in mind and change the world

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