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For all forms of collaboration

What does the office need to become the place where people can contribute with their full potential? Where exchange takes place and great things are created? It definitely needs a table where everyone comes together. And not just any table, but the one that fits the situation. And if more dynamism is required, choose between a convenient motorized height-adjustable version or a power-saving gas spring lift version.

Rectangle, boat shape, trapezoid: the whole variety of collaboration

From a quick standing meeting to an international conference with high-ranking guests to a video conference that offers all participants an ideal view thanks to the trapezoidal table - TALO.YOU is a true meeting multi-talent. Design our table system according to your requirements in different depths and widths, with different top shapes, height adjustability, with castors or without, with linking or without ...Configure

Trapezoid shape for video conferencing

Power-saving gas lift variant

The conference and meeting solution take advantage of the power-free height adjustment

Discover configuration possibilities

TALO.YOU Conference - the multifunctional and dynamic table system for meetings. Whether motorised height adjustment, different frame variants or castors, TALO.YOU fits your requirements and your working culture.

300 mm
Clip-down cable tray
Frame type, T-leg square tube
with CURVE, FLAT, STEEL cantilever feet
Frame type, T-leg round tube
with CURVE, FLAT, STEEL cantilever feet
Frame type, A-leg
square tube and round tube
two-part table top
depth 800 - 1,200 mm
Central leg frame

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TALO.YOU conference


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