Many requirements - one solution!

Characteristic design with a wide range of options. Everyday workplace requirements are changing all the time. Sometimes individual workstations are called for; at other times a large number of people needs to gather round a large table. TALO.S keeps pace with these trends! Discover the numerous solutions offered by our practical workstation system.

More movement at work: You can support your muscles and prevent tension at your desk, too. TALO.S is very easy to adjust and permits healthy work posture both standing and sitting.

Especially for larger projects we provide these multifunctional tables in many variants. So we've planned a uniform look for your office from the start. The T-leg frame can be set at different heights. Individual tables are easy to link together as benches for team workstations and ready to meet any new needs arising in the context of the changing workplace. The well-engineered beamless design allows plenty of legroom. For a healthy working posture, the tables are easy to adjust in height so that work can be carried out standing or sitting as required.

Cross-head screw

Manual tool-free height adjustment in increments from 650 – 850 mm.

Easy assembly

Sliding clips for fitting tops without tools.

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