How to make spontaneous meetings work!

Not much space but plenty of opinions? Then gather your team around SUMMA.K and invite them to exchange ideas! Thanks to the castors, this practical participant at any meeting is always where it's needed and can be quickly stowed away after work is done. But what's the point of functionality if it doesn't look good, too? The characteristic frame makes SUMMA.K a real eye-catcher, whether folding table, conference or meeting table. … And ideas can unfold!

Surface finishes

Choose from various melamine and veneer finishes


Can fold or unfold the table with a few simple movements

Utmost flexibility

Even quick relocations are no problem with Summa.K - simply fold it together and it fits into any lift.


Rapid assembly/dismantling in just a few movements for a high level of mobility.

Discreet cable management

The cables are concealed beneath the desk top yet easily accessible.

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