Shelf system redefines tidiness and room partitioning

It's time to throw away your image of a shelving unit. Because even if a static furnishing element and the transformation of the working world seem to have little in common at first glance - this modular and homely ACTA.PRO shelf system will convince you otherwise. Thanks to the special patent-pending click mechanism, countless design options, a multitude of additional elements and a wide range of installation options, it redefines room partitioning and storage space time and time again. The simple conversion allows you to react flexibly to changing requirements and wishes.

Creative freedom thanks to a wide range of options: Locker, corner and wardrobe elements. Whiteboards for agile workshops, fronts made of acoustically effective, recycled PET fleece, seat pads and even more.

Create even more inviting reception areas, inspiring agile work islands in open-plan offices or a well-structured environment for creative inspiration. Anything is possible. Design with ACTA.PRO transparent and inviting new office worlds.

  • square and round design language of the shelving system
  • Height grid from 1 FH - 6 FH
  • Linear and room-forming configurations thanks to different connecting elements
  • New melamine surfaces and frame colors create color accents

Simple click connection technology

The patent-pending click system enables uncomplicated and time-saving assembly and disassembly. Shelves and melamine-coated cupboard carcasses are simply bolted onto the crosspieces.

Easy to adapt to changing requirements

Thanks to the innovative click connection system and the modular structure, the shelf system can be changed again and again. Supplemented with storage elements, inserts made of acrylic glass or sustainable PET fleece and sliding elements, ACTA.PRO fulfills all room partitioning requirements.

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