The think-zone: Peace and quiet in a single square metre.

Just shut the door behind you – and think in peace. Our QUIET.BOX fulfils the requirement for a retreat zone in the open space with a tiny footprint: With a base measuring just 1x1 metre you have the freedom to work without being disturbed, make private phone calls and just be on your own. It comes in two designs: the angular design of the QUIET.BOX and with organically rounded corners in the form of the QUIET.BOX Organic.

We supply the QUIET.BOX as a ready-assembled piece of furniture, so you just have to put it up and fix in place. Ventilation, lighting and power connection are included. It fits in harmoniously everywhere – even in passageways.

mm height when installed

Enough clearance from ceiling in the room

Built-in LED

For uniform illumination

Door hinges

3D adjustable


with USB charger and socket.

Seat upholstery

Choose from the K+N fabric

Door frame

Oak natural, other types of wood / painted finishes chosen from the RAL colour chart are available on request


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