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Concentrated working atmosphere, charmingly staged

Multifunctional office spaces challenge the inventiveness of designers. This is also the case with us: our team of product developers has conceived a new variant of refined room design that comes across as original and is surprisingly effective. The shape of the mirco-house achieves an astonishing effect: the acoustics are particularly pleasant under the tapered roof, and conversations during meetings, exchanges or meals are well shielded from the outside. Use MEET.IN as a room divider.

Solution for two or four people in two sizes: 2,000 x 750 x 2,200 mm and 2,000 x 1,500 x 2,200 mm.

Learn more about our MEET.IN models for two and four people!

  • MEET.IN can be ceiling-integrated with acoustic panels.
  • Optional back wall is available with fabric covering, whiteboard or blackboard, mountable from the inside or the outside
  • The outside surface can be designed with various plastic surfaces.
  • Wall or table lamps are part of the lighting concept.
  • The back wall can optionally be equipped with USB and power connections.

MEET.IN for 2 people with back wall

open version - MEET.IN for 2 people without back wall

open version - MEET.IN for 4 people without back wall

MEET.IN for 4 people with back wall

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