Sitting or moving? How about both!

We sit more than we used to. That’s because many professions call for focused work at a desk. So what can we do to ensure we stay healthy and mobile in the long term? The right chair can be extremely helpful here. TENSA.NEXT allows three-dimensional sitting with movement in all directions.

SUSTAINABLE: Seat and shell made from 100% recycled PET material.

The synchro mechanism and adjustable seat depth and tilt optimise the motion sequence and encourage an upright sitting position. The ergonomic contours of the backrest and individually adjustable inflatable lumbar cushion provide perfect support, especially in the lower back region.

DTS-synchro mechanism

With proactive seat tilt adjustment. The seat tilts forward by 3° and the backrest by 6°.

Moveable seat with seat depth adjustment of 75 mm

dips below the backrest

Four armrest variants

The height and supporting surfaces of the ergonomic multifunctional armrests can be set to suit the individual.


Easy width adjustment of armrests for greatest possible comfort.

Lumbar support

Inflatable lumbar cushion can be individually adaptable


height and tilt adjustable, optionally selectable for all backrest variants (not retrofittable)


The slender bar is integrated harmoniously into the upper part of the frame.


Two different models available.

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