MOVE.MIX bar stool

A great blend of work and relaxation

Room for privacy and informal chats. When you create informal areas with MOVE.MIX furniture, it lends them them a homely character. The bar stool offers a wide selection of different materials, back heights and backrest upholstery. The minimalist, sleek form of the bar stool is not only impressive in wood, but also with an elegant wire frame in chrome or matt black. The chrome-plated metal rail serves as a footrest for both models.


filigree wire frame coated in chrome or black

Four-legged frame in solid oak

with a chrome-plated footrail for resting the feet

Low backrest

completely upholstered in leather and diverse upholstery options

High Backrest

in white with diverse upholstery options

Shell with all-round bevel

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