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K+N NOOK is more than just a visitor chair – it’s a modular system that can be configured as a visitor chair or conference chair. However you put your K+N NOOK together (and there are plenty of options here!), the design is distinctive and the choice is endless. Incidentally, the dynamic backrest is a real stand-out feature. This provides an incredibly comfortable sitting experience for visitors … and keeps them moving.

NEW: split-shell backrest now also available in white.

K+N NOOK can change its look completely. The reason for this is the many possible combinations of different frame shapes, backrests, functionalities and stackability. It has a split shell backrest that’s available without upholstery or with cushion pads in a selection of colours. Tested for users weighing up to 130 kg.

Open to your wishes

Configure K+N NOOK and K+N NOOK.SHELL according to your individual preferences. Whether for the home office or for communication zones in the office, the homely models fit harmoniously into any environment.

NEW: high starbase

Disover the filigree, elegant starbase with castors or glides. Tested for users weighing up to 130 kg.

Backrest variants
K+N NOOK has a split-shell backrest that’s available unupholstered or with a cushion pad.
The armrest in black plastic is attached directly to the backrest.
Seat upholstery
Various fabrics and colours can be selected from the K+N fabric collection.
Choose between stackable cantilever chair and four-legged chair, four-legged chair on castors, central decorative leg frame, high and low base with castors or gliders, cantilever chair (for use on carpeted floors, they are supplied without glides, with anti-tipper at the front offered). Tested for users weighing up to 130 kg.

K+N Nook in figures

possible configurations

backrest variants

split-shell backrest unupholstered or with a cushion pad.

base variants

with castors and gliders

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