This collection has almost unlimited possibilities!

JET.II is one of our most popular products, due firstly to the two different seating concepts and secondly to the countless design options available within the range: you can choose from a large selection of backrests, armrests, frame colours and upholstery. The JET.II range also includes a counter chair: so you can take advantage of the JET.II modular principle and design all areas of the office based on a single style collection.

Are you wondering which of our many products and solutions is most popular for the office of the future? It's the JET.II! -> Vielleicht auch hier die Countervariante erwähnen - Finde ich hier nicht so passend, da es nur allgemein um die Reihe geht ...

The modular principle behind JET.II makes it easy for you to design your office to reflect your corporate design. In addition to the numerous configuration options, JET.II offers various ergonomic seating concepts - synchronous or automatic weight control - in a uniform design and with a distinctive backrest as the distinguishing feature.

Synchro mechanism

Comfortable sitting concept for workstations that are used by one person.


Seating concept for intuitive sitting, ideal for temporary workstations.

Lumbar support

Available as an option, to provide support in the lumbar region.


Five types available with different functions and designs.


Various types of starbase to choose from.

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