Room structuring and improvement of acoustics through functional partition screens

Increasing teamwork and communication have an impact on the design of modern working environments. Noise from ringing telephones or conversations between colleagues is one of the most common disruptive factors in the workplace. But how do office spaces in open spaces have to be structured and organised today so that sound is absorbed and employees can work in peace and concentration? König + Neurath has developed a new interpretation of the classic office partition wall to meet these requirements: modular and free-standing screen systems and room dividers with which the space can be divided and organised functionally and into different areas for individual work, teamwork or meetings - to suit the individual working culture: discover INSIDE.30 and INSIDE.50 partition walls.

Flexible space partitioning

The requirements for screens and partition wall systems are various. Thanks to the modular construction principle, they can be flexibly positioned as stable, free-standing room dividers or in various angle configurations. The fabric-covered screens, which can also be organised with additional elements, not only provide visual privacy but also sound insulation and create pleasant working areas. Thanks to the flexible room layout, each employee has his or her own area and yet is right in the middle of the action. The screens can be positioned between workstations and office furniture or mounted as a panel directly at the height-adjustable workstation. Privacy is guaranteed in any desk position. Create a homely atmosphere with the wide range of colours and fabric coverings. Orientation is provided by the four K+N style collections.

Improve the acoustics in the office

How do you combine communication and concentration in an open-plan room and optimise the use of space at the same time? After all, disturbing noises influence performance and satisfaction at the workplace. Many companies opt for acoustically effective screens that can be used flexibly in order to fulfil the desire for undisturbed working. Snatches of conversation and noises from neighbouring workplaces are absorbed and thus the room acoustics are sustainably improved.

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