König + Neurath opens the new WORK.CULTURE.CAMPUS

On the subject of “Work Culture”, there’s plenty of inspiration and space to come up with innovative ideas in Karben: König + Neurath’s entire facility has become the WORK.CULTURE.CAMPUS. At its heart is the showroom, which covers an area of 2,800 m2 and has undergone extensive renovation and modernisation. You can experience König + Neurath from all perspectives here – and discover fully integrated solutions to introduce motivation into the work environment.

The WORK.CULTURE.CAMPUS also prompts visitors to engage with the themes of work culture and New Work, working environments and forms – providing a range of solutions for individual and team work, communication-based or meeting scenarios, or hybrid working approaches. Creatively designed spaces for activities, workshops and meetings can be used for interaction and learning. You can collaborate with our customers and partners to design new work environments using the material library in the planning and mock-up area. 

The diverse programme of seminars offered by the König + Neurath Academy is another key element, which allows potential customers and influencers an opportunity to develop their expertise across the field of workplace furnishing. Dealers and partners can invite their customers to the WORK.CULTURE.CAMPUS to help them explore their work culture and create a working environment on that basis. “We are proud to have created the WORK.CULTURE.CAMPUS – a place where the König + Neurath brand becomes an immersive experience and we can be passionate about presenting our ideas for tomorrow’s workplace. We take inspiration from the dialogue with our customers,” says Mr Hagemann, CEO of König + Neurath AG. “We also offer our employees the chance to use the showroom’s motivating environment for focused working or creative meetings,” adds Hartmut Hagemann.

A new milestone for the brand

The new WORK.CULTURE.CAMPUS constitutes an important step towards the future for family company König + Neurath: the rebuild project is a milestone in the development of the König + Neurath brand, which lends a public face to the culture transformation that has taken place within the company.

Modernising the site has also meant that König + Neurath has increased investments in the development of sustainable solutions: the autonomous high-bay warehouse system commenced operation in 2021 – as a low-energy building it does not require heating and has a greened roof. The WORK.CULTURE.CAMPUS ranks alongside the high-bay warehouse as another of the company’s major investments in recent years.


  • Total area of company premises in Karben: 150,000 m²
  • Production area: 90,000 m²
  • Modernised showroom area: 2,800 m²

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