We feel honoured

We feel honoured.

We feel honoured !

König + Neurath in the book "Die großen deutschen Marken 2019" (The great German brands 2019)

The series entitled »The Major German Brands« published by the German Design Council since 2013 showcases outstanding German brands. As a high-quality, aesthetically and editorially impressive volume, it reflects the excellence of German brand management while simultaneously functioning as an informative reference. Under an annually changing theme, companies and their products are presented with image material, complemented by an editorial section in which internationally renowned figures from politics and industry reflect on the significance of brand and design from various perspectives.

In the sixth volume of the series, the German Design Council recalls the historical roots of German industrial design on the occasion of the Bauhaus centenary. The ideas of the legendary school of design played a seminal role in carrying German design throughout the world.

In the presence of more than 150 invited guests from industry, politics and culture, the sixth edition will be presented at a festive Design Gala at Soho House in Berlin on 20 September 2018. The gala offers leading brand experts an exclusive forum that facilitates dialogue and networking.

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