Progress report 2020+2021

Highest sustainability standards met

Office furniture manufacturer König + Neurath presents progress report for 2021+2021and sustainability website

Office furniture manufacturer König + Neurath, which produces high-quality furnishing and room solutions at its headquarters in Karben in the German state of Hesse, is preparing the way for a successful future. The common corporate values and its commitment to sustainable and environmentally compatible business practice are to provide the necessary foundations.As a token of this commitment, the CEO is now presenting the progress report of this family-owned company which has been shaping the office furniture sector since 1925.

Hartmut Hagemann, CEO of König + Neurath AG

“The progress report embodies our company’s clear commitment to sustainability,” says Hartmut Hagemann, CEO of König + Neurath AG. “Our credo here centres on business practice which focuses on people, the protection of resources, the circular economy and economic stability.” Mr Hagemann notes that this focus has acquired particular importance in the context of events in recent years, in which the COVID-19 pandemic has had a severe impact on the economy and society at large, also bringing about far-reaching changes in the world of work. “In challenging times we consider it particularly important to maintain and expand our commitment to protecting the environment and the climate.”

In challenging times we consider it particularly important to maintain and expand our commitment to protecting the environment and the climate

Hartmut Hagemann, CEO of König + Neurath AG

Following a number of certification and re-validation processes for König + Neurath in recent months, the progress report now provides information on the company’s sustainability activities as a whole. The report elaborates on topics such as people (taking in aspects such as occupational health and safety or employee satisfaction), the environment (including energy and emissions, for example) and products (with a focus on development and certification). A dedicated microsite has also been set up for the subject of sustainability.

Central corporate values guide the way

König + Neurath AG is positioned to support companies through the change process by providing differentiated style collections, a diverse product range and digital services. Hartmut Hagemann cites authenticity, cooperation, high quality, reliability, innovation and dynamism as the values which define the manufacturer’s identity and serve to guide the entire workforce. “Our values provide us with guidance in the the way we behave and they inform our business practice and decision-making.They provide us with a secure and solid foundation. And they mark out our common pathway into the future,” says Hartmut Hagemann, adding that the central focus is on people and that responsible growth is accorded overriding priority. As such, the subject of sustainability forms an integral element of all processes at the company, the CEO explains. 

Hartmut Hagemann also refers to the sustainability expert Johannes Brennig, who in addition to overseeing product ecology and product certification also has a share of responsibility for the progress report. “Sustainability is an issue which informs all of our development processes.  Right from the concept development phase, we focus on the responsible use of resources, high product quality accompanied by corresponding durability and the circular economy.” “Sustainability is a matter very close to the heart of every developer at König + Neurath,” the sustainability expert stresses.

Progress report for 2021+2021 - Overview of goals, certification and commitments

In the progress report for 2020+2021 and on the dedicated microsite, König +Neurath show how the overall value chain is structured:  What ecological measures have been undertaken, what is planned for the future and what approach the company is adopting to reduce direct and indirect environmental effects stemming from the supply chain and production operations. Efforts to address the company’s carbon footprint are to be stepped up substantially, for example, further energy-saving measures are to be introduced and the issue of sustainability is also to receive closer attention in the staff canteen.

Certificates providing information on eco-conscious business practice include the “Blue Angel” and the all-embracing European LEVEL sustainability standard for office and commercial furniture. “All of our certified products have attained the highest certification standard - LEVEL 3,” says Johannes Brennig. The “Furniture made in Germany” tag of origin also confirms compliance with high standards, while also attesting to the company’s cooperative approach and its focus on short distances. “We pursue high sustainability standards throughout all areas of the company. Our progress report provides all stakeholders with a clear picture of the requirements that our products meet on ecological, social and economic levels.” The aim being to make it even easier for architects, planners and outfitters to keep a keen eye on ecological footprint aspects when designing work environments.

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