Product presentation MEET.IN space solution

Sit in, linger and simply feel good

Creating a room-within-a-room – with a difference

Office environments are changing. The trend is increasingly moving towards concepts that make teamwork easier, with shorter communication paths and spaces for quick meetings and creative dialogue with colleagues. In this context we need ways of creating individual breakout zones in communication-oriented areas. 

How to create a quiet space in just an hour

To fulfil the need for a flexible breakout space that can be put in place instantly, König + Neurath has added MEET.IN, a free-standing space solution, to its product portfolio. It’s a comfortable open-sided meeting pod providing a working environment that’s pleasant and calm without distracting background noise – even in the middle of a busy office. The straightforward construction principle makes it easy to set up: in just an hour you can assemble MEET.IN and position it wherever you need space for work, dialogue or breaktime relaxation. The simple, elegant styling ensures that MEET.IN looks great in a wide variety of scenarios – hotel lobbies, open space offices, canteens or high-traffic areas.

A timeless office pod with smart functionality

Designed as a meeting place for two or four people, MEET.IN is available in two sizes: 2,000 x 750 x 2,200 mm and 2,000 x 1,500 x 2,200 mm. The carcass, which includes the floor panel, is made of high-grade melamine. While the front is always designed to be open, MEET.IN can be configured with the back wall in fabric or glass, or alternatively left open. König + Neurath can customise the interior to customer preferences as well: there’s plenty of potential to vary the design and function of the desk, seating and lighting (which incidentally operates using a power-saving motion sensor). They also thought of putting an electrics board with integral mains sockets and USB charging points on the back wall to ensure convenient access to power. Depending on the style of back wall selected, an integral ceiling panel can be chosen for better acoustics.

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