Product launch: QUIET.BOX Live for video calls

First impressions counts also virtually

How to make your next video call more successful

With the rapid transformation of the working world, the forms of collaboration are also changing. Video conferencing is now an integral part of everyday working life in three quarters of companies. However, they are often perceived as unproductive. The office furniture manufacturer König + Neurath presents a possible solution with QUIET.BOX Live.

Homogeneous ambient lighting, indirect accent lighting and switchable front lighting: what reads like the operating instructions for a car is one of the recipes for success of the new room-in-room solution from Karben in Hesse. The well-established company König + Neurath not only offers its customers desks, office chairs and storage solutions, but also innovative room systems. Now it is introducing of QUIET.BOX Live as a variant that can improve video meetings - not in terms of content, but in terms of form and function. By presenting people in the best light and with optimum sound.

How frame conditions also improve the quality of video conferencing content 

"Video conferencing offers our partners, like many companies, the opportunity to bring their teams together for coordination, updates or project work without incurring travel costs or the need for everyone involved to be in the office at the same time. However, the sticking point for the organisation so far is that individuals often block entire meeting rooms or take part in the video call directly at their workstation, which in turn disturbs others," says Peter Heimann, Head of Sales Room Systems at König + Neurath, describing two of the common problems. "As the light and sound quality is usually suboptimal, content and details are lost on the transmission path," he adds.

If you sit in peace and quiet in a pleasantly ventilated room that doesn't let in any disturbing noises and presents you in the best light and with optimal sound, then you yourself will be more focused and will be perceived clearly and distinctly by the call participants. That's half the battle.

Peter Heimann, Head of Sales Room Systems at König + Neurath

Advantages of QUIET.BOX Live for architects and interior designers

However, the new video box from König + Neurath doesn't just offer users a range of advantages, it also benefits interior designers and planners. The selective use of the QUIET.BOX Live opens up new possibilities in the structuring of spaces: In open office landscapes, they can be placed flexibly without interfering with the building structure and can be adapted to the existing furniture in terms of style and colour. They increase flexibility by allowing them to be grouped with the QUIET.BOX Duo and QUIET.BOX Duo XL to create self-sufficient retreat areas of different sizes. "We have hit a nerve with the QUIET.BOX Live and have already sold more than a dozen units before the official market launch," says a delighted Peter Heimann from König + Neurath.

Facts and figures about the new QUIET.BOX Live

  • Dimensions: 1,200 x 1,500 x 2,226 mm
  • Lighting: Homogeneous ambient lighting, indirect accent lighting and switchable front lighting
  • Acoustics: large acoustic fabric panels for anechoic telephone calls, acoustic glazing with 38 db
  • Design: extensive choice of fabrics and materials
  • Installation time: low-noise installation within a few hours
  • Sustainability: uncomplicated relocation during remodelling, numerous redesign options (long service life), dismantling without loss of material and talk to the office furniture experts about current topics.

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