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CUBIX.A - How flexible furnishing can increase creativity

The furniture manufacturer König + Neurath develops office furniture and room systems that help shape change in the working world. Thus, it repeatedly presents imaginative approaches to solutions for current challenges, such as these modular CUBIX.A wooden boxes, which can be arranged into diverse office furniture and create new workspaces.

Einer aktuellen Studie zufolge geht die Digitalisierung in Deutschland zu langsam voran – mit nicht zu unterschätzenden Folgen für den Wirtschaftsstandort. Ein Instrument zur According to a recent study, digitalisation in Germany is progressing too slowly - with consequences for the business location that should not be underestimated. One instrument for promoting innovative processes and agile methods in companies is the redesign of work environments. This is the basis of a König + Neurath consulting approach that supports change processes with the help of spatial concepts. 

Georg Frech, head of the K+N Academy and responsible for the use of the consulting tool at König + Neurath, is convinced of this: "Company managements can not only optimise work processes by implementing new methods. They can also create 'thinking spaces' by providing the appropriate premises." The manufacturer's new, modular CUBIX.A wooden boxes are suitable for this purpose.

"The working environment has a significant impact on our thinking and creativity," says the expert. The stable yet lightweight CUBIX.A wooden boxes made of untreated maritime pine plywood, which are available in various sizes, offer maximum flexibility and design freedom."

CUBIX.A can be combined without tools and can be adapted to the respective needs and changing work situations. Clamping modules create rising rows of seats or podium landscapes for lectures or presentations. Rollers allow users to quickly move and rearrange the modules. When CUBIX.A is used as a bench or podium, matching upholstered elements ensure optimum seating comfort. An additionally available whiteboard panel turns the wooden boxes into a mobile presentation wall or table combination.

Sustainable furnishing solution for different purposes

It is not only the renewable raw material and the versatile uses that make CUBIX.A a sustainable solution. They are also considered a conscious choice for certified workplaces thanks to their long service life and the possibility of recycling them.

CUBIX.A boxes are suitable for the following areas of application:

  • Communication areas: As benches, pedestals or stands
  • Meeting areas: As seating and tables
  • Agile project zones: As seating with castors or flexible work tables
  • Workshop and workshop areas: as large, convertible tables or for storage
  • Bistros and entrance areas: As counters, seating landscapes or room dividers
  • Home office: as a flexible desk and shelving system

"It is becoming increasingly important for companies to attract first-class professionals and the right talent and to offer them an attractive working environment," says Georg Frech.

With flexible furnishing solutions like CUBIX.A, you create an inspiring working environment that not only supports digital transformation processes in Germany.

Georg Frech, Head of K+N Academy

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