Product launch ACTA.PRO shelf system

New dimension in modular interior design

The new dimension in modular interior design

The world of work is undergoing a profound transformation driven by technological progress, demographic changes and social developments. Flexibility, creativity and efficiency are buzzwords in this era, in which companies are faced with the challenge of finding innovative solutions to adapt their working environments to ever-changing requirements. The effective utilisation of office space and the design of working environments play a decisive role in this. König + Neurath AG, one of Europe's leading manufacturers of office furniture and room systems, is rising to the challenge with ACTA.PRO, a trendsetting, innovative shelf system that redefines office design.

Modularity as the centrepiece

ACTA.PRO is more than just a shelf system - it is a platform for innovation. Its modularity and adaptability are at the heart of this system, which combines open shelving with clever storage solutions for organising space.  Inspired by pioneers such as Google and Microsoft, open-plan offices benefit from the ability to create spaces for individual or group work, confidential discussions or relaxed breaks. This spatial design not only has aesthetic and functional advantages, but also offers clear added value for the creativity and motivation of employees. With an open-plan office concept, physical barriers are broken down, which promotes communication and the exchange of ideas between employees. The result: a stimulating and creative workflow

Equipped with various storage modules and sliding elements, the result is homely, space-creating solutions that set colorful accents.

Pioneering transformation in interior design

As a modular shelf system, ACTA.PRO can adapt to the constantly changing needs of the modern workplace - that's what it was created for. It is versatile and adaptable, but can also be customised by integrating storage elements, seating options, wardrobes and sliding elements and a wide range of other design options. The design world of ACTA.PRO is comprehensive and offers the aesthetics that modern offices are looking for, from organically round to filigree angular, without compromising transparency and confidentiality.An die ständig verändernden Bedürfnisse des modernen Arbeitsplatzes kann sich ACTA.PRO als modular aufgebautes Regalsystem anpassen – dafür wurde es kreiert. Es ist wandelbar und vielseitig, aber auch durch die Integration von Ablageelementen, Sitzmöglichkeiten, Garderoben und Schiebeelementen und eine Vielzahl weiterer Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten individuell einsetzbar. Die Designwelt von ACTA.PRO ist umfassend und bietet von organisch rund bis filigran eckig die Ästhetik, die moderne Büros suchen, ohne dabei Transparenz und Vertraulichkeit zu beeinträchtigen.

ACTA.PRO is our innovative answer to the challenges of a lively and changeable working environment, regardless of the size of the room. ACTA.PRO is aesthetic, atmospheric, sustainable and flexible - a pioneering solution for modern offices.

Marc Lorch, CEO König + Neurath AG

Product feautres

  • Intelligent modular principle: The modularity of the shelving enables customised solutions for any working environment.
  • Simple remodelling: Thanks to our patent-pending click system for ladders and rungs, assembly and disassembly is child's play.
  • Freedom of design and planning: Different carcase depths, variable heights from 1 U to 6 U and different corner connections mean that every corner of the room can be optimally utilised.
  • Flexible room zoning: The double-sided usability allows a new definition of room zoning for dynamic and agile working environments.
  • Numerous areas of application: Whether sliding front made of recycled PET fleece for pinning or acoustic shielding, or as a whiteboard for workshops and agile working situations - the shelf system knows no limits.
  • Inspiring design variety: The variety of different cabinet elements, movable acoustic elements, plant elements, seat upholstery, textile surfaces and new frame and surface colours open up limitless design possibilities.
  • Sustainability: König + Neurath favours durable and recyclable materials. By separating them by type, all components can be returned to the material cycle.
  • Made in Germany: The shelf system is produced exclusively in Karben and therefore stands for high quality made in Germany. Certified with the Blue Angel.

With the presentation of ACTA.PRO, König + Neurath is underpinning its position as one of the leading suppliers in the field of office furnishings and design. Founded in 1925, the company has succeeded in combining high quality with the innovative strength of an international market leader.

Acoustically effective sliding elements made of recycled PET fleece or as a whiteboard transform the shelf system into an agile work tool.

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