Partnership of Eintracht Frankfurt and König + Neurath

Work culture meets sports culture

Kick-off for the partnership between König + Neurath and Eintracht Frankfurt

König + Neurath, the provider of office furniture and room solutions operating internationally from its head office in Hesse, will embark on a joint venture with long-standing team Eintracht Frankfurt, initially for the next two years.

The family business has explored the individual work culture of the successful Bundesliga team and translated it into customised furniture concepts that satisfy the higher expectations of the workplace. From analysis, planning and production right through to lifelong service, König + Neurath will be a reliable partner to Eintracht Frankfurt as they design and furnish their new “ProfiCamp”, injecting a wealth of ideas into the project.

“The partnership with König + Neurath is an important signal for the future of Eintracht Frankfurt, so that we are able to shape our work processes as efficiently as possible in the years ahead – not least with regard to the creation of the new business centre. After all, we are expecting a further increase in our workforce. And we feel we owe it to new and existing staff to provide a working environment that’s as attractive as possible,” explains Arnfried Lemmle, divisional manager for Sales and Marketing at Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG.

The terms of this partnership will include displaying the König + Neurath advertising slogan on the LED perimeter display in the Commerzbank-Arena, on Eintracht Frankfurt’s social media channels, and in connection with PR and player rights. “We’re delighted about the two-year partnership. The two brands are united by shared values such as tradition, a regional emphasis with a European outlook and awareness of the future,” says Jürgen Neubert, Finance Director at König + Neurath, in anticipation of the collaboration, which is currently scheduled up to the end of the 2020/21 season.

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