OKAY.III - swivel chair with bounce-effect

Solution for dynamics in the office

The OKAY.III swivel chair supports individual working rhythms

König + Neurath offers a range of form-conscious office furniture and flexible room solutions to support a variety of users, accommodating a working rhythm that can vary from dynamic to relaxed – ideal for the constantly changing workplace. The OKAY.III swivel chair is one answer to the increasing need for flexibility.

Ready for a dynamic approach – in function and looks

The OKAY.III swivel chair now boasts a new design making it ideal for use anywhere in the company: balanced proportions, an attractive shape and a homely character. The swivel chair looks just as impressive in a multi-purpose workspace as it does in a home office. The OKAY.III still incorporates all the features you would expect from an ergonomic swivel chair. The proven VSP® synchro mechanism allows a harmonious movement sequence when sitting and already meets the parameters specified in standards for the future. There is an adjustable lumbar support that’s integrated almost invisibly, an updated version of the OKAY.II model, to support optimum pressure distribution and improve sitting comfort. The seat height, depth and tilt can be adjusted intuitively via straightforward controls with a quick hand movement. Thanks to all these features, the chair has been awarded the TÜV Rheinland ergonomics certificate.

When an office chair changes the way people sit

The stand-out feature of the OKAY.III by König + Neurath is the design of its backrest. The characteristic bounce bands come in a choice of three colours and are tensioned across the knitted mesh backrest. This gives the chair a unique sitting feel. When you lean against the backrest, you drop back almost weightlessly, and are then caught and stabilised. This provides optimum support for your back, as well as encouraging mobility.

“The basis of our OKAY.III chair is its playful automatic response: all the users we observed in tests leant back more often as soon as they sat down. They were clearly having fun bouncing around and keeping on the move. For me, the attraction of this chair lies in its unique design, as well as the flexibility of the bounce bands,” says Stefan Oelze, Sales Director Seating at König + Neurath of the new product. “For a company that wants to encourage team efficiency over the long term, OKAY.III could be a wise investment in employee heath – and it ticks the box for active sitting fun too,” adds Ludwig König, General Operations Director Germany.

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