Launch HUG.Y task chair

HUG.Y is made of 65.5% recycled material

This makes the office part of the sustainability strategy

Potential customers are increasingly aware of social and environmental responsibility as an influence factor. A sustainably designed office can also have a positive impact on employees. But that’s not all: “We have to adapt the way we think and act in view of the huge environmental challenges of our time and do all we can to reduce our ecological footprint significantly,” – of this Hartmut Hagemann, CEO of König + Neurath, is certain. That’s why the office furniture manufacturer, which already consistently produces innovative furniture and room systems in Germany for worldwide distribution, is increasingly focused on developing “green office” solutions.

“It’s thanks to state-of-the-art technology and our development team’s expertise that we are now able to launch HUG.Y, a swivel chair that fulfils all requirements in terms of design, function and stability whilst being made of over 50 per cent recycled material,” says Hagemann proudly. “It helps companies integrate the office into their sustainability strategy even more effectively if they are looking to improve their environmental footprint,” according to the expert. “As a manufacturer not only do we offer a range of extensively certified furniture and room systems, we have also developed innovative products designed to meet the challenges we face today.”

With each office chair, we save around 2 kg of CO2 and 42 kWh of electricity through the new backrest alone.

HUG.Y, the most sustainable swivel chair from the König + Neurath portfolio

One of the innovative developments from the production line in Hesse is the new HUG.Y swivel chair: its plastic backrest is 100 per cent postconsumer recycled material, it is available with upholstery fabric made from postconsumer polyester, and no non-soluble bonding agents such as adhesives are used to ensure that the materials can be recycled by type at the end of the product lifecycle. This means that the chair can be fully dismantled and is almost 100 per cent recyclable. But it will take a while before that happens, because the product designers in Karben deliberately chose a timeless look to guarantee a long lifespan for the chair in terms of aesthetics as well.

The price is another benefit of this new office chair – which comes in a number of styles and is easy to adjust for different users – making it even more attractive to a wide range of office outfitters and customers. “We’ve managed to bring a sustainable product to the market for which the development, assembly and quality control are carried out in Germany, and which is nevertheless very attractively priced,” claims Johannes Brennig. HUG.Y bears the Blue Angel label and has achieved the highest European LEVEL sustainability certification. This gives the green light for ergonomic, resource-saving office design from now on. The new HUG.Y – whose name represents an embrace – is likely to appeal just as much to home office users aiming for professional yet sustainable style as to contract furnishing planners and project managers.

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