German Innovation Award

Second Award for TALO.YOU

Scalability and agility are a winning combination for future-proof outfitting solutions

The radical change currently being experienced in workplaces everywhere calls for collective rethinking on the part of both companies and employees. This impetus is also giving rise to product innovations and new production processes. Experience shows that companies have always been more successful when they develop products specifically with customer needs in mind and come up with smart solutions in response. The TALO.YOU desk system, launched at the end of last year by König + Neurath – supplier of office furniture and room systems – has precisely such a pedigree. Thanks to the added value enjoyed by users, this innovative product has now been given the honour of a “Special Mention” in the German Design Award.

German Innovation Award recognises innovations that improve our lives

The German Design Council honours solutions that offer users a particular benefit and significant added value compared with existing products and ideas. The board of experts from industry, research, institutions and finance aims to shine a spotlight on innovations that improve our lives. The “Special Mention” rating awarded to König + Neurath’s product TALO.YOU by the jury is a distinction given to new products that stand out because of well-designed features, original approaches or special details.

Werkdesginer Cornelius Müller-Schellhorn and Team

TALO.YOU is the answer to a new set of needs

With 680 entries the German Innovation Award was very well received again this year. “So we’re even more thrilled that our product developments reflect what people need right now,” says Michael Cappello, board spokesman at König + Neurath. “TALO.YOU is the answer to a growing individualisation trend in our markets.”

Offices change along with people and responsibilities

The TALO.YOU desk system is exceptionally functional and can be scaled to meet all requirements: its symmetrical structure allows it to be converted easily from a desk to a bench, nesting table or conference system. Thanks to its flexibility, TALO.YOU can be used in all areas: as individual and team workstations, for conferences and mobile working – even in the home office. “All models feature motorised height adjustment and support dynamic working to promote health in the workplace,” explains Michael Cappello in reference to this aspect of the new product. “Many of our customers love the sleek and simple design, which allows it to fit in perfectly with a wide range of settings.” The environmental factor is another essential nowadays: qualities such as reduced material use, recycled plastics, sustainable raw materials and adaptability make it a long-term investment for future-proof working.

The German Innovation Award is the second award to be won by the TALO.YOU desk system. The Plus X Award jury has already conferred their special quality mark on the product in five out of seven categories including design, functionality and high quality.

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