German Design Award for AURAY and ACTA.FERRO SYS

German Design Award for AURAY and ACTA.FERRO SYS

Rat für Formgebung presents the winner of the German Design Awards bekannt. These include two products from König + Neurath AG in the category Offices.

Karben, October 2017 - Since the Rat für Formgebung (design council) was set up in 1953 as a German foundation with the aim of enhancing brands through design, it is the undisputed "competence centre" in matters of design. The high-level committee selects innovative products and projects, manufacturers and designers that are leading the way at an international level. The German Design Award was first conferred in 2012. Since then, ever more products are vying for the attention of the jury. From some 1500 entries in the first year, this year the jury had to evaluate more than 5000 presentations – of which just under half were in the field of product design

Prize winner 1: AURAY, a hand-crafted masterpiece

AURAY is much more than just an office chair. This range of task and conference chairs by König + Neurath, available in high-back and low-back versions, is distinguished by the flowing lines of the aluminium frame and the topographic upholstery. The minimalistic aesthetic of this premium chair, designed by 2DO-DESIGN, is based on architectural design approaches, and the patented synchro-mechanism is truly elegant. The close fit of frame, armrests and mechanism allows them to blend seamlessly to form a harmonious unit. Every Auray is an individually-crafted masterpiece, made from the highest quality materials. A symbiosis of design and technology, handmade in Germany – such is König + Neurath's own description of its prize-winning product.

Prize winner 2: ACTA.FERRO SYS with an aesthetic which does not simply please the eye

The ACTA.FERRO steel storage range combines trendsetting design with good acoustic qualities. Cornelius Müller-Schellhorn, head of design and development at König + Neurath, designed the SYS range whose variants – with hinged doors, tambour doors, sliding doors or as a filing cabinet - have a number of attractive features. They are extremely functional, stylish, and very durable. Thanks to a specially developed acoustic surface, they have the ability to make a noticeable reduction in office noise levels. The fronts of the different variants are distinguished by their subtle lines and seamless corners. The symmetrical construction means they can be set up alternating front/back, allowing them to be used as effective room-dividers. The tambour cupboards have an invisible track, and integral profile handles add to its elegant, frameless appearance.

German Design Award with strict requirements

The German Design Award is looking for unique design trends to which it can give awards. Prize winners have to satisfy the most demanding requirements. Even the nomination process is exhaustive: the design council only permits products which are significantly superior to competitive products. The awards ceremony for the German Design Award takes place during the Ambiente international consumer goods exhibition, which will be held in Frankfurt from the 9th to the 13th February 2018.

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