German Design Award 2024


K+N NOOK.SHELL wins German Design Award 2024

What are the characteristics of good design? Which products and innovations stand out from the mass of new developments - and why? The German Design Award is a good indicator. It is awarded by a prominent jury to "exceptional submissions in the fields of product design, communication design and architecture". The cosy shell chair from König + Neurath has now been awarded the Winner prize.

"We draw inspiration for new office furniture or room systems from a wide variety of sources. This can be people who are concerned with social change and the future of work, but also nature itself or technological developments," says Cornelius Müller-Schellhorn, Head of Product Design at the Hessian office furniture manufacturer König + Neurath. According to the product designer, the concept for the K+N NOOK.SHELL shell chair was based in particular on the premise that "form follows emotion". "With the merging of work and life, office spaces are harmonising visually and haptically with the home," Müller-Schellhorn is convinced. "Today, emotional office spaces create an atmosphere of well-being.

K+N NOOK.SHELL shell chair cuts a fine figure in the office and at home

The shape of the seat shell is responsible for the cosy effect of the universally usable, high-quality chair. It quotes a design classic, but adds further design aspects such as upholstery variants as well as colour and design options. "For many office furnishers, just as for private individuals, it is important that the individual pieces of furniture fit harmoniously into existing furnishing concepts. We offer a wide range of design options for this," says the designer.

How sustainability influences product design

The aim of the German Design Prize is to promote the sustainable transformation of the economy and society through design, according to the German Design Council, which awards the coveted prize every year. It is one of the most prestigious awards in the design world. The positive assessment therefore also includes "a focus on society and the impact of products and services on it", it continues.

König + Neurath's K+N NOOK.SHELL was honoured not only for its iconic shape and diverse design options, but also for its sustainable design processes and resource- and environmentally-friendly production. With the "Winner" award, the German Design Council recognises outstanding and exemplary design achievements in a specific category. We are proud to have won the German Design Award, our third prestigious award.

The K+N NOOK.SHELL can be recycled at the end of its life because it is made from a small number of individual parts and materials with a single origin. The back shell consists of 80% recycled material". Cornelius Müller-Schellhorn

Cornelius Müller-Schellhorn, product design König + Neurath

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