German Design Award 2022

Winner awards for TALO.YOU and K+N NOOK

German Design Council honours two product innovations with German Design Award

The workplace is undergoing radical change. While it’s getting easier to choose your own working location and team activities are more flexible, factors such as health, identity and sustainability in the company are also gaining importance. These things have also influenced the development of office furniture.

In 2020, office furniture expert König + Neurath launched two furniture ideas onto the market, which are based on a modular construction principle and can therefore be adapted to a wide range of requirements in terms of design as well as function. The German Design Council felt that these products merited two awards: the scalable workstation system TALO.YOU as well as the visitor and conference chair K+N NOOK were chosen as “Winners” by the prestigious expert jury, and were both honoured for their exemplary design achievement in this specific category.

Sustainable product innovation with an attractive design

The German Design Council has been presenting the German Design Award since 2012, and now in its tenth year it is considered one of the most respected prizes in the design industry. Outstanding products and ideas from the fields of product design, communication design and architecture are picked for this award. “For us as a manufacturer it’s important that our product innovations offer an attractive, future-oriented design that really stands out. This means we can help companies create healthy working environments with a great potential to reflect their identity,” says Hartmut Hagemann, CEO of König + Neurath AG. “So we are absolutely thrilled to have received the German Design Awards from the German Design Council.”

The convertible table system TALO.YOU is one of the winners

“The TALO.YOU table system is popular because it is highly versatile and functional. It can be configured as an individual desk for home working or in the office, as a bench workstation for teams, or as an interactive workshop tool. We managed to convince the jury with these advantages in 2021 and were rewarded with the German Innovation Award,” said the CEO. “We use reduced material to manufacture TALO.YOU, some of which comes from sustainable raw materials, and we have designed this sit-stand workstation so that it can adapt individually to user needs – the clue’s in the name. Regardless of the working scenario for which you are currently buying TALO.YOU, it’s a sustainable investment for the future,” Hartmut Hagemann is certain of that.

Expert jury picks K+N NOOK visitor and conference chairs as “Winners” too

The K+N NOOK follows a similar principle. It allows a variety of combinations based on a wide range of bases and backrests – to suit the purpose intended. Its distinctive design feature is its plastic cantilever backrest, which can be replaced without tools. “At König + Neurath it’s in our DNA to develop furniture that meets the highest standards in ergonomics and functionality,” says Hartmut Hagemann. “Thanks to the modular concepts of TALO.YOU and K+N NOOK, we’ve designed flexible products that are popular with our customers – and now this has been acknowledged by the experts at the German Design Council and the Plus X Awards jury. For us this is further proof that we are in tune with the times, coming up with the right solutions and translating them into outfitting concepts that reflect the current workplace design climate.”

It is in our DNA to develop furniture that fulfils the highest ergonomic and functional demands.

Hartmut Hagemann, CEO

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