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Dirk Offermanns ceases his role as Director International Sales at König + Neurath AG

After a satisfactory first quarter, the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are now making their mark at König + Neurath, the office furniture and room system supplier in Hesse. Unfortunately the 2020 sales figure is lower than predicted in our original plans. According to the current prognosis by the directors, a significant drop in sales is expected for 2020 in comparison with the previous year, and the assumption is that the difficult market situation will continue into 2021. This development also has serious repercussions on the economic situation, forcing the company to minimise spending on a broad scale, as well as cutting back considerably on planned investment.

In combination with this development, the supervisory board also decided to make some cuts in terms of personnel at director level, too. Board member Mr Dirk Offermanns was responsible for sales at a national level to begin with, and is currently the international sales director. As of 31.07.2020 he will no longer be employed by König + Neurath AG, an agreement reached mutually and on the best of terms. When he leaves, his area of responsibility will be added to the remit of Mr Michael Cappello, who is currently board spokesman and responsible for national sales and marketing.

It is important to both parties to emphasise that cooperation – between the supervisory board and Mr Offermanns, as well as within the management board – has always been characterised by a spirit of trust and a constructive attitude, forming a basis for the company’s successful development both then and now. Mr Offermanns took the position of Sales Director in September 2017, and worked as a team with his immediate colleagues and the rest of the staff to continue the company’s positive development, strengthen the market position in this period and considerably increase turnover as well as profits.

“We would like to thank Mr Offermanns for the very successful cooperation over the past three years, and wish him continued success and all the best for his professional and personal future," said Supervisory Board Chairman Otmar Stein.

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