Agile meeting solutions

Ingeniously designed meeting solutions

To achieve efficient space utilisation and flexible office design, we need new furniture

For some companies it’s a long way off, but others are already fully committed to flexible working environments in which agility, project-based work and rapid innovation are the norm. Office furniture manufacturer König + Neurath works with customers to analyse their individual corporate culture and provide them with customised space and furnishing concepts across a range of style collections. Now they are launching two new meeting solutions that are ideal for either restaurant or communication areas.

Furniture and interior design that are ahead of the megatrends

Cornelius Müller-Schellhorn, head designer at König + Neurath, describes the philosophy behind this innovative product for flexible small-group meetings like this: “Our furniture solutions should always reflect the pleasure we take in good design. For LIFE.S Indoor and LIFE.S Interaction we’ve taken our inspiration from a variety of desk-bench combinations and translated them into a modern design idiom. At the product development stage we use a really fine radar to sound out which megatrends are coming in the next few years, and tailor our portfolio accordingly. LIFE.S Indoor and LIFE.S Interaction are a response to working methods becoming increasingly flexible – as well as the concept of New Work, in which collaboration plays a key role.”

Agile workspace models for small teams

LIFE.S Indoor and LIFE.S Interaction are agile workstation models designed to allow concentration and communication in the open space, and yet at the same time they can be used very flexibly. Another plus is their capacity to be multifunctional – they can be complemented with a range of intelligent accessories and options, as well as adapted to suit changing user requirements.

LIFE.S Indoor, the desk-bench combination for ad hoc meetings and teamwork, is available in a variety of colours and upholstery fabrics and can be fitted with an acoustic screen, electrics and flatscreen monitor. This makes it a practical alternative to a standard meeting room.

The idea behind LIFE.S Interaction is quite similar. Here the factors of health and mobility also play a key role. The stand-up desk takes into account that meetings are more effective when participants are standing, as it makes them less static. LIFE.S Interaction supports this position change and can also be fitted with high-grade acoustic components such as a canopy or side screens to create an additional level of privacy. LIFE.S Interaction counter-height can optionally be linked with table tops or extension elements on the ends to make more space for creative teamwork. Further options for even more agility include desktop electrics with rotating sockets, as well as wireless chargers and NET BOX Point sockets to allow easy use of a variety of media. Complement it with the matching high bench, LIFE.S Stool, to make even quite long meetings a comfortable experience.

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