ACTIVE.T - the table for active people

More exercise at the workplace

The workstation for active people – and those who aspire to be.

Our bodies are made to move. Yet sitting for a long time shapes the daily existence of a large number of people. Because sitting causes medical problems in the long term – back pain is the people’s number one cause for work absences – more and more companies are looking for solutions that encourage people to be more physically active at their desk.

With the no-frills workstation programme ACTIVE.T, which features motorised height adjustment, König + Neurath not only boosts mobility of muscles, joints and tendons at work, but also encourages mental agility and creativity, making an active contribution to employee health.

When your desk leads by example

Available as an individual or double workstation, ACTIVE.T has more scope for adjusting height than most. With a table top height range of 650 mm to 1300 mm it is suitable for both small and very tall people, allowing them to sit or stand comfortably. The top glides to the personalised height setting smoothly and quietly, making it easy to change position quickly. All desk models are supplied with smart-ready motorised columns and are compatible with the intelligent office software K+N SMART.OFFICE. It offers features such as a reminder function for switching between sitting and standing, in case your focus is elsewhere when you’re concentrating or under stress. K+N SMART.OFFICE also helps you organise processes in the office: use it to find colleagues, vacant desks and meeting rooms, or to book workspaces. At the end of the day this enables facility managers to benefit from this workplace tool in their quest for optimum space planning as well.

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