Our service pledge

König + Neurath is a leading provider of office furniture and room solutions. We support our customers and partners throughout the office design process – from analysis, planning and production to long-term service. We have the experience and a wealth of ideas to develop custom solutions in partnership with you. We are able to offer you professional support for drafting tender specifications, transparent single-point order processing, individual solutions and a comprehensive after-sales service.

Our goal. Your preferences, needs and expectations are the focus of our work. We operate a solution-oriented policy at all times, and are fully committed to making sure you can provide your customers with optimum products and services at all times.

Our tools. Agile process organisation that adapts to market changes. Focused, flexible points of contact who are personally allocated to you. A cooperative team culture. Flat hierarchy and fast reaction times. Optimum use of resources. Skills and expertise. An organisation that has an international radius of operation and customer database, with branches in Germany, the Netherlands, UK, France and Switzerland. Quality made in Germany.

How would you like us to support you?

We monitor all tenders on a daily basis and provide comprehensive support to help you secure orders

National and international tenders offer key opportunities for success. We focus on all relevant tender specifications via online platforms, requesting documents and assisting you with our competent specialist support. You’ll have our specially trained team on hand, with a wealth of experience to advise you. This ensures handover deadlines are met, all relevant tender award regulations are adhered to, and chances of securing orders are maximised.

Straightforward order handling, digital workflow, electronic archiving and personal contacts for one-off orders and projects

At König + Neurath, orders and warranty claims are all handled from a single point: your personal contacts always have an overview of the process as a whole – which means they can provide not only comprehensive specialist advice but also an individual all-round service.

  • Orders are mostly processed using the online ordering system with OFML data.
  • Orders are confirmed immediately, electronically if required.
  • Current reports on order status, delivery situation or logistics are available from the Partner-Portal.
  • Thanks to state-of-the-art tools and innovative sales applications we’re always up to date and in a position to provide answers quickly.

Our experienced team of specialists is on hand to ensure that large projects and contracts are handled in a professional way.

In order to implement large-scale projects successfully, it’s essential to have trust and close communication. We guarantee you individual advice and comprehensive support, and manage all processes so that we’re in a position to accommodate your needs and requests at any point. Since the entire project is handled from a single point and we have many years of experience, we’re able to guarantee that everything will run smoothly, and that the project will be completed successfully and within deadline.

From selection of furniture samples and the right presentation materials to preparing the mock-up display within the deadline – we’re here to support you.

We work with you to design mock-up scenarios in line with your requirements. That includes preparation of the mock-up display at your showroom, supporting you when you present in person to your customers, or providing you with samples for your own showroom – König + Neurath has its own furniture sample process for mock-ups, which is handled by a specially trained team with their own fitters and trucks. Of course we’re also happy to supply you with our marketing, advertising and deco materials to design your mock-up scenario.

Regardless of what your customers want, we collaborate with you to come up with a good solution based on products from our range.

Customising is one of our strengths: we have a vertical production structure with our own steel and wood manufacturing facilities, meaning that we can work with you to develop and implement individual solutions to meet your customers’ requirements. Our expert team provides you with comprehensive support throughout:

  • We’re open to individual customer requests and we will collaborate with you to create solutions that are tailored to customer-specific requirements and features unique to regional, national and international markets.
  • As a proactive partner and comprehensive process manager we take into account the general situation and current developments in office design, and provide you with creative approaches.
  • Regardless of whether your interest is an individual enquiry or a project: we always offer you a cost-effective solution and show you possible alternatives.

Face-to-face or via our dealer portal: you can view the progress of your order whenever you like.

Members of our team will be happy to answer any questions concerning delivery deadlines and logistics on an individual basis. Alternatively you can find all the information you need in real time on the Partner-Portal.

Our supply logistics are based on modern system-supported tools for capacity and route planning. With this set-up – as well as our own vehicle fleet with GPS navigation – we are able to provide logistics that are customer-oriented, efficient and professional. There’s one thing we always prioritise: your individual preferences with regard to scheduling, order handling and delivery.

  • Right from the start: we offer you comprehensive scheduling advice for direct deliveries within your project.
  • Solution-oriented: you will be given practical support in the event of postponed deadlines or issues regarding storage, deliveries and notification.
  • Flexible: we allow you maximum flexibility for planning on-site installation, delivering goods on your requested date wherever possible.
  • Reliable: we’re confident that we can bring you short lead times, reliable delivery and commitment

All relevant services from a single point, easily accessible and clearly organised

One feature of our comprehensive portfolio is that you can identify parts easily on the Partner-Portal using the visual parts management tool. You can select and order replacement parts on an article-specific basis using the PCON Configurator. We guarantee parts availability for many years. We are happy to discuss the details with you.

A professional team of experts who can give you competent advice on an individual basis – through every step of the process.

You can expect professional installation support from us – using either our own trained fitters or experienced partners. We have an in-house customer service department with specialists trained to current standards in the product and installation expertise required. Our own vehicle fleet with system-supported communication tools guarantees fuss-free installation to your deadline. For projects we can also offer experienced service partners and on-site support if required.

In addition to installation, our package also includes services within the terms of guarantee, or beyond that if required.

Our customer service team is happy to advise you on all aspects of planning, contracts, installation, scheduling and delivery.

Your personal contact

Christopher Rodrigues

T +49 6039 / 483 - 655

Michael Senff

T +49 6039 / 483 - 640

Michael Senff

T +49 6039 / 483 - 640

Christopher Rodrigues

T +49 6039 / 483 - 655

Michael Senff

T +49 6039 / 483 - 640

Miao Miao

T +49 6039 / 483 - 638

Joachim Zöllner (team lead)

T +49 6039 / 483 - 134

Christina Burk (Assistant team leader)

T +49 6039 / 483 - 557

Dirk Kessler

T: +49 6039 / 483 - 569

Stefan Reif

T: +49 6039 / 483 - 201

Michael Fink

T: +49 6039 / 483 - 150

Jörg Günther

T: +49 6039 / 483 - 147

Holger Klein

T: +49 6039 / 483 - 556

Jan Renter

T: +49 6039 / 483 - 564

Tobias Rössel

T: +49 6039 / 483 - 573

Philipp Groschupf

T: +49 6039 / 483 - 528

Ramon Rossmanith

T: +49 6039 / 483 - 528

Juri Anhorn

T: +49 6039 / 483 - 759

Rene Schmidt

T: +49 6039 / 483 - 597

Moritz Hildebrand

T: +49 6039 / 483 - 404

Nancy Denner

T: +49 6039 / 483 - 392

Bernd Hartmann

T: +49 6039 / 483 - 512

Martina Merz

T: +49 6039 / 483 - 362

Sabine Wenisch

T: +49 6039 / 483 - 268

Christina Burk

T +49 6039 / 483 - 557

Christina Thamm

T +49 6039 / 483 - 557

Joachim Zöllner

T +49 6039 / 483 - 134

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