Dealer information

New design options for K+N NOOK and K+N NOOK.SHELL

To match the white star base, we now offer optional white castors and white gas springs. You can find the selection in the OFML data or in the current price list PDF Visitor and conference chairs 2023


Product change: Drawers for Standard and ECO.S pedestals

From week 01/2024 There is a switch to a new supplier for all pedestal system drawers, which were previously manufactured in-house. The dividers supplied previously are being replaced with new ones, as the drawer tray has different pre-drilled holes. More information.


Product info: New options for TALO.YOU nesting table

From week 39/2023 the following options are available in the OFML data: Soft-close table top dampers, table top thickness 19 mm and depth of 700 mm and 900 mm. This gives you even more individual options to fulfill your customers' requirements. More information.


Product info: TALO.S supplier changeover

TALO.S motor tables are changed to a new supplier regarding motor columns, controls units and elements - see product info

  • Change of control units and elements
  • new user-friendly control elements in white and black design
  • Control element with memory with 3 storage positons
  • travel speed increased from 50 mm/sec to 60 mm/sec.
  • changeover planned delivery week KW36


Price adjustments as of 10/01/2023:

As of 01.10.2023, positive changes can be made to our pricing structure and will implement price reductions for basic items (no options armrests or electrification, etc.) of the following product ranges:

  • ACTIVE.T and ACTIVE.T campaign          - 4 %
  • QUICK.III and QUICK.III campaign           - 5 %
  • HUG.Y and HUG.Y campaign                   - 6 %

Furthermore, despite continued cost increases in many areas of our business, we are able to maintain stability for the following products and not implement any price changes:

  • JET.II campaign chairs
  • JET.III campaign chairs
  • ACTA.PLUS lockers
  • Room systems

Price reductions and price stability are the result of our ongoing efforts to increase efficiency and consequently pass on potential savings to our customers.

The economic situation forces us to implement a moderate price increase of 4.7 % for the rest of our office furniture and seating portfolio. Significant cost developments in the energy and staffing sectors have had an impact on our production and logistics processes. Unfortunately it has not been possible to absorb the extra expense, which has inevitably resulted in a price increase.


Supplier-related price adjustments as of 07/15/2023:

Due to the limited scope of calculation for motor and gas spring lift columns, we increase a series-related differentiated surcharge

  • motorized tables TALO.S and TABLE.T of 10%
  • gas spring lift tables TALO.S and TALO.YOU of 20%
  • updated OFML data will be available on 15.07.2023


Adjustment of the general terms and conditions as of 01.01.2023:

  • Granting of cash discount no longer applicable
  • NEW: Fit to "Force Majeure"
  • Warranty conditions will be communicated in a separate document
  • Exchange of GTCS in the price lists will take place on 01.01.2023


Adjustments to the product ranges as of 01.02.2023

You can find a summary of the product range adjustments attached. The decisions we’ve made not only cater for the changing needs of today – they also impact established programmes and individual product variants that have exceeded their optimum lifespan due to different requirements in the workplace. Please ensure that the product range adjustments are reflected in your quotes and project plans from now on.


Surface card metal updated

From now on the surface map metal is available as a pdf-file or order your new copy via the advertising material order.


Price adjustment for our room systems from 01.01.2023:

  • Adjustment of 3.5% for QUIET.BOX, QUIET.BOX Duo, QUIET.BOX Duo XL, TALK.BOX and MEET.IN

With effect from 01.01.2023, the prices in our OFML data will be adjusted. We will be happy to provide you with the updated OFML data update in good time


Product extension: ACTA.PLUS Locker

New options are now available for the ACTA.PLUS Locker in our ofml data. Configure the lockers up to 6 OH, choose an additional width of 500 mm and new colours. More information will follow.


New options for K+N NOOK, OKAY.II and JET.ONE visitor and conference chairs

In addition to the swing-out writing tablet option for all models with a starbase (without mechanism), K+N NOOK is now also available with a split-shell backrest and seat shell in white. For all options, please see the overview.


Product optimisation cable tray TALO.YOU

The design of the fixed cable tray for TALO.YOU has been revised. The higher version (option KW19) now offers a greater volume for stowing cables with a tray depth of 170 mm. The TALO.YOU folding cable tray (option KW21) will be converted to a continuous version for the table widths 1800 mm and 2000 mm. The changeover will take place from week 33 2022. For more information, see product info.


New option for ACTIVE.T SE

From now on, we can offer our height-adjustable table programme ACTIVE.T SE the cable chain option for an additional charge. Download the updated order form here.


Product optimisation: Repositioning of control elements for motorised desks TALO.YOU and ACTIVE.T.

We have reacted to isolated incidents of collision in the area of use of the surface of motorised tables and have relocated the operating element. The changeover will take place with delivery from July 2022. Furter information see product info.


Product optimisation: ACTA.PLUS pull-out sidefilers

We are changing over to a new rail system for the ACTA.PLUS pull-out sidefilers. This involves a design change to the inner carcase. Furthermore, we are optimising the selectable versions. Available for order from 01.06.2022, ready for delivery from week 31. Further information, see product Info.


Announcement of material cost surcharge as of 01.07.2022

Against the continued backdrop of strained market conditions, we are under pressure to respond accordingly by imposing differentiated, programme-specific material cost surcharges.

Due to the cost of materials we have no choice but to apply a surcharge of 8.9% on office furniture, 7.9% on seating and 7.2% on room systems on top of our current prices with effect from 01.07.2022. The following programmes are not affected by the price changes:

  • Pedestal systems STANDARD (CO) and ECO.S (EC)
  • Pull-out sidefilers (S8)

The prices in our OFML data will be adjusted as of 01.07.2022. We will provide you with the latest OFML.


Extension and update of fabric collections – 1st March 2022

With the launch of the panel system INSIDE.30 we present the new fabric group ECONOMY 71. This fabric convinces with its sustainable production from 99% recycled post-consumer polyester. For our seating and softseating programs we offer from this collection in the price group ECONOMY the fabric group 13 with 9 colors.

In the course of the revision of our fabric collection we will remove the fabric groups STANDARD 29, COMFORT 34+39 as well as PREMIUM 41 from the program. Furthermore, four colors will be dropped from the ECONOMY 14G fabric group and the conductive fabric COMFORT 32 ESD will be offered exclusively in black in the future. Here you can download the changed and new fabric collections.

Extension of the surface trend collection – 1st March 2022

In addition to the already included trend decor 9L Oak Halifax natural we complete the trend collection with the new colors 9S Concrete Grey, 9T Beige and 9R Medium Grey. The surfaces UL Elm and UM Uni Melange are no longer available. You can download the current surface map here and it is available in the database as usual.

Notice: or all discontinued fabrics/colors and surfaces applies while stocks last. For details please refer to the list. The ofml data will be available from 28.02.2022.


Because of the economic situation we feel that it is within our commercial remit to respond appropriately. Due to material costs we envisage product-specific price adjustments ranging from 0 to 9.5% for office furniture, seating and room systems as of 17.01.2022. 

Our options are extremely restricted at the moment due to the current sharp increase in material costs. Nevertheless we would like to take full advantage of our cost calculation options and exclude selected programme variants from the price increases. This applies to the following programmes and variants:

  • ACTIVE.T motorised desks
  • TALO.YOU manual and motorised height adjustment options
  • JET.II SP and JET.III SE (marketing campaign chairs) and QUICK.III
  • Desktop electrics options specific to cable trays for all ranges (cancellation of the last two price increases)

The gross list prices will be adjusted with effect from 17.01.2022. Current hard copy and PDF price lists will cease to be valid. Please use the OFML data. We will update to the latest version at the appropriate time.


Product info: Changeover of the memory control panel for motorized tables TALO.S

With delivery week 40/2021 the design for the control panel with 4-pos memory and display will be changed (Kesseböhmer). The previously used touch handset with 4-pos memory and display (LOGICDATA) is no longer available. Details about the changeover can be found here.


Product info: Changeover of the memory control panel for motorized tables TABLE.T / LIFE.S

With delivery week 34/2021 the design for the control panel with 4-pos memory and display will be changed (Kesseböhmer). The previously used touch handset with 4-pos memory and display (LOGICDATA) is no longer available. Details about the changeover can be found here.


Update brochure "Flexible space solutions”

Our meeting solution QUIET.BOX Duo XL for four persons has been integrated in the new edition. Order your new copy via the advertising material order in the partner portal or download it here.


NEW: JET.II SP can now be supplied with mesh back

Due to high demand we are now able to offer our successful model JET.II SP with mesh back (JET.II NR) through the promo campaign, for the same price as JET.II SP (net prices). This model is available with standard delivery times. There are further details in the enclosed campaign flyers, and you can find the data in our online basket.


Fashion decor HALIFAX Oak Natural is availableImg

We’ve added the on-trend decor HALIFAX Oak Natural to our Finishes portfolio. You can order it for TALO.YOU and ACTIVE.T already, using the code 9L. The structure and decor create a highly authentic rustic experience in both looks and feel. The structured finish features in the catalogue as ST37. It’s available for all top thicknesses and as a veneer, and we can supply to our standard delivery schedule. The finish patterns are available to order from our promotional media shop.


Company shutdown at K+N

Please note that our company shutdown is scheduled for 2nd – 8th August (Week 31) and bear this in mind for your planning. If you have any questions, the best thing is to contact the relevant sales/in-house representatives directly.


Price adjustment as at 1st June 2021

Because of the predicament we are in, we feel that we have no choice but to announce a second price increase of 3.9 % for orders received after 1.6.2021 for office furniture and seating, as well as room systems. You will receive updated OFML data and stickers for printed price lists in advance of the changes.


Product information: Discontinuation of single telescopic column for LIFE.S motorised desks 680-1180 mm

Depending on stock availability, we will convert the LIFE.S motorised tables to a double telescopic column from June 2021. The main purpose of this optimisation is to improve stability and column rigidity. Find here more information.


Product information: Modification of the support struts for ACTIVE.T motorised desks

ACTIVE.T desks of depth 900 mm and 1000 mm will be fitted with a longer side support strut from delivery week 18. The main purpose of this optimisation is to improve stability. More details.


pCon Catalogue integration into the website.
Our product planning data for downloading in CAD 2D and 3D, DWG, FBX and DXF can be found in the pCon Catalogue, which will be available from the following areas of our website from today: in the media database on the Architects + Consultants page, and on the Partner Portal (requires log-in) under Software.


Now available in print: the “Workplace modularity” brochure with the products TALO.YOU, K+N NOOK and QUICK.III is available in printed format, and can be ordered from the promotional media shop on the Partner Portal. Order now.


Product information TALO.YOU / ACTIVE.T motorised tabels: Quick guide via QR Code 
With orders received from May 2021, brief instructions for our motorised tables TALO.YOU and ACTIVE.T can be accessed via a QR code. The QR code will be placed on the top and bottom of the tabletop and is available in four languages. Further information. More details.


Product information: Changes to clip-down cable trays for ACTIVE.T motorised desks  
The redesigned clip-down cable trays used with TALO.YOU have been incorporated into the ACTIVE.T range. These cable trays are still hinged on both sides like before, but they have an optimised user-friendly mechanism. Change will take place from delivery week 13. More details.


Availability of OFML data for TALO.YOU

As of 1st February the OFML data for our new TALO.YOU desk system will be available. Configure your own customised specification for your showroom and take advantage of our product launch offer for TALO.YOU, K+N NOOK and QUICK.III.


Product info changes to control box for motorised desk TALO.S, TABLE.T, LIFE.S:

From now on the current SMART control box will be replaced by the newer model SMARTneo, a decision made by the supplier. Further information can be found here


Product improvement JET.II SP:

From 1 February onwards, we will deliver the JET.II SP models with the seat depth adjustment of 100 mm (previously 70 mm) as standard, thus offering the user added value in terms of seating comfort.


Updated documents for JET.II SP, JET.III SE and ACTIVE.T SE:

The prices of the products JET.II SP, JET.III SE and ACTIVE.T SE have been subject to a 2.3% price increase, and the flyer has been changed accordingly. They can be found here.


Price adjustment for POS items:

The prices of POS items like STYLE.GUIDE.CADDY have been subject to a 2.3% price increase, and the flyer has been changed accordingly.


New visitor chairs support a maximum weight of 130 kg:

Our new K+N NOOK visitor and conference chairs, as well as the new designs of OKAY.II, JET.II and JET.ONE are now certified for a maximum weight of 130 kg.


Product range optimisation with market launch of new visitor and conference chairs:

Once the new visitor and conference chairs are launched (available to order from Week 2/2021), the current variants of the JET.II, JET.ONE and OKAY.II visitor chairs with chrome armrests will be replaced with the new models.

Refers to price list pages 48 - 51, 76, 98, 99. The OKAY.II cantilever chair with plastic armrests will stay in the collection with no change. The OFML data will be adjusted as of 1.1.2021.


New data labels in the Media Database:

Are you looking for recently added files in the Media Database? Now you can find them in the left-hand navigation bar (new last month / last quarter). Also the previews are labelled with a “New” flag. This label will disappear automatically after three months.


Order and delivery information for the new products:

Our new seating K+N NOOK and QUICK.III can be ordered and delivered from week 2/2021 and can be configured in pCon. All currently available documents can be found in the Partner Portal.

Our new table system TALO.YOU and PERSONALBOX are available for order and delivery from February 2021. The OFML data will be available in pCon on 01.02.2021. All currently available documents can be found in the Partner Portal.


Product information: ACTIVE.T enhanced collision prevention sensor

An extended collision protection sensor with the option PIZ1 is now available, selectable if required. The changeover will take place with delivery week KW 46. More details.


Price adjustment to 01.02.2021

For orders placed after February 1, 2021, we are implementing a moderate price increase of 2.3% for office and seating furniture and room systems. Excluded from this are planned new products and the room-in-room solutions QUIET.BOX, QUIET.BOX Duo and QUIET.BOX Duo XL.


Product information: ACTIVE.T cut-outs

The position of the ACTIVE.T top cut-outs have been redesigned to allow the hygienic panels to be fixed. The changeover will take place with delivery week KW 44. More details.


Addendum to product range maintenance as of 1st January 2021:

From 1st January 2021 the JET.A office swivel chair will be discontinued from the seating range. Please ensure that your quotations reflect this. Link to range adjustment overview.


New Share/Download function

Use the new Share/Download button to share our content and magazine articles on social media. Just click on the pdf symbol to create pdf documents, for example of reference reports, which you can then email or print.


Adjustments to the product portfolio as of 1st January 2021

In order to continue providing you with dependable support at a day-to-day level as well as for projects, partnering you with office furniture and room systems tailored to market and customer needs, we have to carry out portfolio management on a regular basis. We aim to communicate the portfolio complexity to you in a format that is transparent and clearly organised.

Please incorporate the range adjustment (see summary) into any quotations and project plans you issue from today onwards. Our product positioning concept is customer-oriented, and in this spirit we are especially committed to honouring individual follow-up deliveries.


NEW: QUIET.BOX Duo XL and new specification variants for the QUIET.BOX Duo:
For even more space, the new QUIET.BOX Duo XL can be ordered as of now, and it features on pCon for inclusion in your planning activities. New specification variants of the QUIET.BOX Duo are also now available. Download details.


**Antibacterial properties for Egger finishes
**Our supplier has received confirmation of maximum antibacterial activity as specified in ISO 22196 from the Hohenstein test institute for melamine wood effect and WI. The certificate can be found attached along with a technical datasheet, or you can download it from the Partner Portal.


Special price list:
The Individual Furniture price list has been revised and is now available to download from our media database. Download now.


Furnishing concepts for the home office

Discover our solutions for different room scenarios in various styles, with which you can equip your home office in the best possible way both functionally and optically. Download here.


Product information: ACTIVE.T changeover from delivery week 28/2020

Up to now, plug sockets designed for integration in desktop cable trays have been supplied with an adhesive strip. The supplier has changed the design of the plug sockets so that in future they will be placed in the cable tray rather than being fixed in position. More details.


Product information: Plug sockets in cable trays

Up to now, plug sockets designed for integration in desktop cable trays have been supplied with an adhesive strip. The supplier has changed the design of the plug sockets so that in future they will be placed in the cable tray rather than being fixed in position. More details.


Working environment brochure “Healthy working. Healthy living.”

Discover how the TALO.S, LAMIGA and TENSA.NEXT products not only make your working environment attractive, but also promote health! Download here.


Working environment brochure “A better reception. A attractive waiting area.”

Discover how you can make reception and waiting areas inviting and friendly with the products NET.WORK.PLACE, PUBLICA, LIFE.S Indoor, LIFE.S Interacation and INSIDE.50 Counter". Download here.


Switch to option LF5 cardboard packaging on sales price

To simplify handling for you, the option LF5 (cardboard packaging) has been changed to a sales list price of €22.30 with immediate effect. This will mean that the packaging price is included directly in the calculation in OFML as well. This change does not affect JET.II SP.


Our service promise

Discover our extensive service portfolio in the Partner Portal. In addition to comprehensive information, this new area also introduces you to all personal contacts with their respective focus. You will also find the contact details of all colleagues from the office who look forward to supporting you in your daily work. Discover now.


Product info: Changeover cable chains

The cable chain supplier has optimised the cable chain design and function. The chain links have a tighter bend radius, making the chain easier to coil. See product information.


Seat cushion for MOVE.MIX bar stool with plastic shell

Available for order from 2 March, the new plastic trays are available with a padded padding in addition to the simple felt padding. More details here.


MOVE.MIX bar stool

Discover the plastic colours for our new shells. Download the sample card here as pdf file.


OKAY.III product launch campaign

Find out more about our new OKAY.III and take advantage of our special offer while the campaign’s running, from 01.02 – 30.04.2020. Details and further information in the campaign flyer.


OKAY.III market launch

Whether you need infocards, campaign flyers, certificates or brochures – we’ve put together a handy list of links so that you can download everything you need for the new OKAY.III.


Working environment brochure “New office worlds for mobile people”

Discover how to create multi-territorial working environments using the products ACTIVE.T, MEMO.S and OKAY.III. Download here.


Please note, prices will be adjusted and the price list restructured as of 01.02.2020

Please remember to update your price list data on Monday to make sure that you’re planning your projects on the basis of current information. Details of the adjustment.


Change in steel programme:

As already communicated on 20.01.2020, the series PIANO-steel cabinets, SYS-steel cabinets, steel pharmacy cabinets and steel pedestals can still be ordered until 28.02.2020.


Price adjustment as of 1st February 2020

For orders from 01 February 2020, we are making a moderate price increase of 2.9% for office and seating furniture and room systems. This does not apply to the room-in-room systems QUIET.BOX/Organic and QUIET.BOX Duo/Organic.


LAMIGA coat hanger upgrade

As of now the wire coat hanger will be replaced by the elegant plastic clothes hanger already used with JET.II and OKAY.II. The hanger is available to order using Option KLB for a surcharge of 28.00 € + price increase. The current wire coat hanger is no longer available.


Changes to the product portfolio as of 1 February 2020

Our goal is to provide you with a product portfolio that is oriented to the market as well as customer needs. With our changes to the product portfolio as of 1 February 2020 we have not only responded to trends in demand, but have also taken appropriate action regarding ranges and product variants that no longer correspond to changed requirements in the workplace.

Please incorporate the range adjustment into any quotations you issue from today onwards. Our product positioning concept is customer-oriented, and in this spirit we are especially committed to honouring individual follow-up deliveries.


Product information: Changeover USB charging pad for TABLE.T technial pedestal

As the original supplier has ceased trading, we have had to replace the charging pad for the technical pedestal (width 1400 mm / 1800 mm) with the option LAF2 with an alternative brand similar in function and looks. See product information.


Change of fabric collection NET.WORK.PLACE LOUNGE-CHAIR

For production reasons, the ECONOMY 11 fabric group for the NET.WORK.PLACE LOUNGE-CHAIR is no longer available with immediate effect.


Addition of new upholstery fabrics with TÜV EMISSIONS and TOXPROOF certifications

The Comfort 31 (Kvadrat Tonus 4 / Monus Meadow) and Comfort 39 (Kvadrat Melange Nap) fabric groups have been tested regarding emissions and hazardous substances and are covered by these certificates with immediate effect. Please refer to the overview.


Product information: Change of guide rails and filling frames
The supplier will convert the guide rails to a new, optimised product with better running properties. In this context, the filling frame will also be adapted on the design side. The changeover applies to ACTA.CLASSIC, ACTA.PLUS, ACTA.MODUL and ECO.S Mobil and takes place as of week 45/2019. For further information.


Conversion of surface quality for QUIET.BOX duo and THINK.TANK

König + Neurath surface colours in powder-coated fine structure (standard version from Jan. 2020) are now available through the optimisation of the production process. Special colours and wet painting still available on request.

Advantages: more resistant surface, optically matching structure to plastic surfaces, fewer fingerprints.


OBS - Online ordering system

Are you already taking advantage of the electronic ordering process? The newly designed module of the electronic order confirmation (eAB) from wegscheider office solution was optimized in close cooperation with König + Neurath and simplifies the entire process of your electronic orders. Click here for more information (only in German)


Final spurt for JET.III and ACTIVE.T product campaigns

Carry on collecting points from our new products until 31.12.2019 and if you're lucky you could win 1 of 10 team photoshoots, or 1 of 10 yoga events for your team. Fingers crossed!



Use the elegant STYLE.GUIDE.CADDY. to present the range of fabrics and materials available for König + Neurath products. The materials you will need in your consultation are clearly organised for you to access quickly. You can find detailed information here, including the order process and a separate order list.


Meeting tables at sitting/standing height

The modular building-block system ticks all the boxes. Choose from three leg frame styles, two heights and a variety of top shapes, as well as diverse electrics options, to go with your style collection.


Additional finishes

Structured lacquer black (KSS): from now on you can select structured lacquer black for a top-quality look for the following table leg frames: DO IT.4, LIFE.S, TABLE, SUMMA, TALO.S, BASIC.4 and meeting tables.

Fenix table top finish: as well as TABLE, you can now choose the durable Fenix finish for the SUMMA and DO IT.4 workstation ranges as well.


Conversion of telescopic adjustment option HV22

For the TALO.S motorised desk (680 - 1180 mm, option HV22) the telescopic adjustment has been converted from single to two-part. You can find further information here.


Working environment catalogue "The feel-good workspace"

Take inspiration from the room layouts in our new working environment catalogue "The feel-good workspace", featuring the highlight products JET.III, LIFE.S and ACTA.PLUS, as well as LIFE.S Indoor and LIFE.S Interaction.


Product information: optimisation of cushioned closers for pedestal runners

The closing properties of the drawer runners have been optimised. New hydraulic closers with liquid technology instead of the previous air dampers improve the drawer running properties noticeably. Whereas the air damper had a fairly sharp stopping action on the drawer before bringing it in smoothly, the new liquid-based closers ensure a soft and gentle transition. See product information.


Product information: optimisation of INSIDE.50

There's a new adjustment option to ensure that the glass privacy screens are absolutely perpendicular. The glass profile can now be adjusted via two grub screws using an Allen key (SW3). The frame profile now has pre-drilled holes for that purpose. See product information.


ACTIVE.T product campaign

Keep moving. With a bit of luck you could win one of ten yoga events for the whole team. Campaign runs until 31.12.2019. You can find details and further information here.


JET.III product campaign

Give your team something to smile about. With a bit of luck you could win one of ten photoshoots for the team. Campaign runs until 31.12.2019. You can find details and further information here.


New function on the Partner Portal: creating download lists

You can now create download lists in the media database. You can create and download collections by clicking the checkbox in the media database.


Updating logistics services:

The shipping costs will be changed to 38.00 € net for seating delivered directly to the customer by a carrying agent


Adjustment to the OFML structure in Week 6

Well-structured OFML data is essential for planning integrated working environments. To simplify day-to-day work, we have been optimising the navigation of OFML data since Week 6, as well as organising our portfolio into the product categories you will recognise from the system used for the price lists.

We've switched to alphabetical order within categories to organise the product ranges. Meeting tables (code BT) are included with the corresponding desking ranges as well, making them easier to find.

We have also standardised and updated all the images and icons. Further information accessible after logging in, such as product descriptions, texts for quotes, catalogues, instructions etc. can be accessed directly from each product in the Partner Portal via an icon.

At the top level the changes to each OFML update can be viewed via info buttons, and the new navigation can be displayed in site map format.


Change to fabric collection Leather L50

The colour LX Bordeaux Red is being dropped from our Leather L50 collection due to low demand. You can find the updated fabric swatches here.


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