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How to make sure your outfitting projects are a success.

Especially now that the workplace is undergoing change, and work is no longer contained within a delineated space, some of the goalposts are moving. At the same time, digitalisation has pushed ahead a transformation from which we can benefit. It’s all about Office 365 and Work 4.0.

What we need to do now is consolidate our skills and bring together our expertise so that we manage this change to ensure the best possible outcome.

As a company of long-standing tradition that’s now been established on the market for almost a hundred years, we’ve overcome several uncertain phases and avoided a number of pitfalls. What has helped us along the way? Focusing on our core competences, a forward-looking attitude and unconditional enthusiasm for innovation.

The pandemic is holding up our production? No problem – we’ll use digitalisation as an opportunity to enhance our processes. Resources are running out, the eco-balance is becoming increasingly sensitive? Then we’ll find ways of making production even more sustainable. Furniture requirements are changing due to increasing individualisation? Then we’ll adapt our product range accordingly.

What we are demonstrating is that we can work together to come up with solutions that benefit your customers as well as you!

It doesn’t matter what “office” means in the next few years: our starting point will always be analysing the work culture of an organisation. We work with you to offer customers at all levels a full consultation service, designing office environments tailored to their needs – which are both innovative and outstanding in design and function. They might be home working solutions, representative offices or future-oriented creative spaces… sometimes the goal only becomes clear when the project is under way. Maybe we’ll find a completely new revolutionary approach by working as a team?

With the help of the consulting tool K+N WORK.CULTURE.MAP, you can analyse your company's own work culture on the basis of seven dimensions.

Are you thinking in terms of products? We think in solutions.

Our new production processes make manufacturing products and outfitting concepts even easier, faster and more consistent. This allows you and your customers to consider ideas that go beyond standard solutions – completely rethinking your furnishing projects! Our production here at the Karben site use an approach based on state-of-the-art agile processes, which can be applied effectively to unlock new potential for you.

Do you need a dependable partner? We’re here for you.

Unusual ideas and innovative solutions only add value if you can offer customers long-term satisfaction. This principle is at the heart of our policy of involvement in the full spectrum of processes – from the initial analysis of work culture to dependable service and support long after installation. This allows you to make definite plans and get hold of a solution quickly if you need to – and of course you can absolutely depend on our team. Now, in eight months, and in ten years.

What makes our brand strong. And how this benefits you.

At König + Neurath there’s plenty to make us proud and to make us stand out over other manufacturers. Mostly it’s a case of skills that we’ve honed to an excellent standard. We’re more than happy to share our expertise – we can add true value with what we have learned. Take inspiration from our ideas and be impressed with the services we offer!

Design scalable working environments with the TALO.YOU table programme and AURAY low back.

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