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Minimalism in the workplace

Omission can look this beautiful

Minimalism is in. Not just in terms of design, but also in reference to life itself: people practise omission and surround themselves with just a few items of quality. The life we perceive as increasingly complex needs to be lived consciously and mindfully. One aspect of that is to ask yourself more frequently: “Do I really need that?” But reduction to bare essentials has a long tradition. As early as 2500 years ago, Confucius said “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated


Here at König + Neurath, we insist on sustainable processes, functional solutions and reduced designs in everything we do. The compelling nature of simplicity is expressed through our PURE style collection in particular.

The PURE style collection is so popular with interior architects and designers because it’s so understated that you can use it in any room. Its appearance expresses comfort and modernity, so that bright colours help to make a room seem more inviting. Bright colours, smooth surfaces and uncluttered structures ensure visual reduction and a feeling of transparency. The minimalist furnishing style is characterised by the omission or limited use of pictures, posters and other wall decoration. But the deliberate use of plain white is the best choice. That means there’s nothing to distract your mind from the essentials.

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